I need some advice in regards to ride share insurance

Im looking for some advice in regards to ride share insurance I’m getting insurance qoutes, and have received qoutes that range from $748, $420, to $268 per month. With out ride share I’m paying $182. This is for the 3 cars I own. I’m also finding that alot of insurance companies do not offer ride share. I was also told that if you had a ride share rider and they found out I would be dropped by my main insurance. How can you make any money paying these prices. Any input or advice is appreciated.I live in Michigan. If anyone works with an insurance company in Detroit, can I have a name and number.

State Farm only charges me $20 extra for ride share

No it’s a percentage of the entire bill so you must currently have a low bill or low coverage

I’m in Indianapolis and I have Allstate I pay 200$ month…that’s high but it’s a lot of them that don’t…I was dropped from geico because they didn’t accept rideshare…I’m still looking for something cheaper

What you want is a Rideshare Endorsement on your regular policy. Not every company offers it, you might have to change carriers. It should only add $20-30/month to your base policy.

I have a rideshare endorsement to my normal car insurance on one car only for $20/month

This may be a odd question, but why should we get rideshare insurance? Doesn’t Uber cover us when a pax is on our car? I truly want to know because I have looked into getting it.

for the times you are driving TO a pax etc… if your insurance doesn’t cover rideshare you are effectively driving without insurance. or even if you are sitting around waiting on a trip, they find out you were online you are boned.

Could be wrong, but my understanding of it was that Uber’s insurance covers the pax, but you’re SOL if you need car repairs.

Uber and Lyft don’t cover too much and they have very high deductible. $1000 for Uber and $2500 for Lyft.

It’s highly recommend that you have it to save yourself any problems u will get if u get into a car accident.

What isn’t or wasn’t covered was the gap where your insurance stopped and TNC’s began. The gap is when your online waiting for a ride request.
Personal insurance covers you until you turn on app. TNC’s cover you when there is a rider in your car. So when your on line waiting for a request. Thats when both insurance will NOT cover you. This is called gap insurance coverage. State farm now covers it.
Mercury now covers it.
I think AAA is begining to.
I have State Farms. Then went to Mercury. Cheaper.

I pay an extra $12 per month per vehicle with State Farm. State Farm seems to be the best setup for ride share in my area.

I currently have allstate. I pay 370 for both my car and my husband’s car to be covered under ride share. That’s with 1 ticket and 1 accident showing on the driving record. They are the best price I’ve found

370 just for the rideshare part? Or is that for complete coverage including ride share?

Allstate added rideshare to my policy $11 for 6 months- $1.83 extra a month

insurance (Uber) covers repairs. You just have to furnish proof that your current insurer has comp and collision coverage. And they are very good. Speaking from experience.

(sry i did not read the existing comments) - $748 must be per six months, not per month. One time I shopped around for insurance and GEICO quoted me $540 and I kept repeating “five fourty??!!??” and the lady was like “yes.” So make sure you clarify that with the person giving quotes.

Farmers is reasonable for insurance, in Co I pay $178 a month which includes rideshare. I also have high amount of coverage since I have a brand new car, that’s not their cheapest plan