I like my car spotless at all times

I have always washed all my cars once a week or as needed, I vacuum it when I’m at it and the interior treatment. It’s the same habit whether I drive pax or not. I give the windshield and Windows a quick wipe before a shift (mostly not always) and good to go.

I would be embarrassed. We’re talking like $1 a day in most places to have a clean car. As a pax I would low rate a dirty car in or out unless it was from a recent weather event or the like.

I wash my car every other month. And vacuum once a month. You get what you pay for. And if I spot a passenger leaving trash in the back I call them back to pick it up. No nonsense. Rating 4.85.

I hate dirty cars so our cars are washed daily. More for my benefit and OCD’ness than clients. We have an unlimited car wash pass for our cars, which averages $1 a day per car.

Wash your car once a week, twice tops (unless you drive for XL or Black). You have a problem if you do it more than that, even if you have a car wash membership. I’m not even washing my car every time it rains because that’s stupid.

Paxs aren’t paying $5/mile to be driven around in a spotless, streak-free window car. They’re paying a few greenbacks to go to work or to get drunk.
It’s dark ~12 hours of the day anyway, just drive those hours if your car is too dirty. But vacuum regularly. Honestly, you don’t have to vacuum regularly just shake your floor mats when they get too dirty.

Stopped washing exterior all tegether, inside is spotless and smells great, i rinse it down and use spray wax when i do clean it, i just dont have the same zeal as i used to. Not when every dollar counts now. I would rather spend the money on ozium and interior wax.

Just keep the interior and the glass on the passenger side clean and you should be good to go. I rarely wash any more due to the rate cuts and maintain a 4.88 rating.

Well to wash the car after it rains may sound stupid, but I do it to avoid water spot damage to the paint. Don’t be surprised if your car isn’t super shiny or super clean on the outside after not washing it for a month. Used to work at Audi and people would complain about the car wash… water sport are due to those who don’t wash their cars after rain and heavy fog works in the same way if its bad enough.

Same here. And now that I’ve done that I would still do it even if I weren’t driving for LYFT/Uber. A clean car always looks better than a dirty one, regardless.

Driving at night is perfect, my silver car hides dirt really well. A little Armor All in the interior before I head out to clean the tracked in mud and I’m good to go. Prep time <5 minutes daily.

Here in Pittsburgh people don’t seem to care whatsoever, especially heavy rain or snow my floor mats can really accumulate some water, always been at 4.87, 90% 5-star rides. As long as the car looks decent you’re good.

When I was driving I washed the car once a week in my driveway. I always kept the windows clean, but that is more for me than the pax. I would shake out the floor mats daily and vacuum once a week.

Why wash cars? Paint is there for a reason. There are people all over the world that don’t have clean water. Let the rain wash it for you. If you don’t like to ride in my dirty looking car, cancel the ride and call a taxi.

I wash it once a week to get the dirt off and have it detailed every 3 months. My detailer uses this kick ass wax that lasts for 3 months, everything just falls off when I wash it and it shines the entire time.

I always have 5 Microfiber clothes in the trunk at all times. One rag for the front, 1 for driver side, 1 pax side, 1 for interior and the last rag for the chrome wheels. For 4 months I cleaned the inside (vaccum once a week) and out before I turn on the app and I only missed cleaning the car ONCE because it rained that morning and it was so busy that day (unusual) I never had a chance to clean her up.