I just had a racist comment directed at me

Time to vent, I just had a racist comment directed at me: I think one of the most important factor in reducing a racist world, start with the parents, when a child is born he or she knows nothing about life and the world around him, a child is born netural, parents have an option to teach a child to be a racist or teach the child to keep a open mind and judge people by their character not their color. If the parents guide you in the right directions and give the tools to survive in life it’s up to the school system to maintain what your parents taught you. Nobody is born a racist, let’s keep it that way…

Amen to that! Nobody is born racist. My daughter who is Latina was a victim of racism by a little black girl recently. I blame the girl’s parents.

This is a ride-share page, not a personal bitch page. Put your life’s woes on your own time-line.

You don’t get enough attention at home…that’s what it is. Do you already have 5 posts today? Something like that?

You just a mad ass sorry ass hater. Your comment is biased cuz You don’t like the content. This man just speaking facts

I will put it simply. If I were to post 5 items one complaining about passengers that made a mess in my car 2 complaining about passengers that threw up in my car 3 complaining about passengers with small children without car seats 4 complaining about passengers that thought they should put too many passengers in my vehicle and 5 complaining about something concerning racism and you only complained about the one that involved racism then you would be thought of by me and probably others as a closet racist. Therefore my question still awaits an answer.

You should give this to your own people,maybe they could learn something.

That’s the problem right there “your own people” exactly the type of ignorance us vs them mentality. We’re all family. You just the cranky cousin most of the human family don’t like! Go get your 23 and me and check the script! Then welcome yourself to human race and know there is no us and them. Be the bigger person not the hypocrite! (This goes to anyone with this general mentality not just Larry)

But that doesn’t make you any better. Listen to yourself you sound like the victim right now. You are making yourself a victim saying. “Oh well they do it so i can do it to” when first of all they do it as a reaction to the conditions many whites/elites have administered. that makes it so you are reacting to a reaction. You have to stop at the root and realize sincerity x remorse x compassion = overcoming perception. Skin color is irrelevant

That is true for sure. I wasn’t raised to hate anyone neither were my sons and now my grandchildren are being raised the same way, To love and have compassion for everyone.

99.9% of all human DNA is identical. That means 1 tenth of one percent defines us as individuals.

i think uber and lyft can ban them if you give them a 1 star and explain why. We are guaranteed a harassment free working place. Sorry for your trouble, but I remember the 50’s and it is better now… still some jerks, will always be some jerks and thanks for being respectful of the women in your car.(here is hoping that last comment is true)

Sure…How come nobody talks about the elephant in the room? Prejudices are mostly developed from bad experiences, usually from criminal activities. I’m nervous around some people of color because when I was forced to go to a high school where there was a diverse crowd I was robbed by force, being the little white kid. My brother was shot at and a knife held to his throat delivering pizza to subsidized housing apartments. Think that matters?

I lived 16 years in Europe and a neighbor full of gipsy. I was one of the few white kids. No older brother or a father around to keep me safe. Got punched and bullied every fucking day… I grew up, moved and learn to forgive. You want people to become better … you should start with you!

It isn’t always about race. Just because a black person robbed someone doesn’t mean it’s because they’re black. Just because someone who is a white person robs someone it doesn’t mean it’s because they’re white. Sometimes it’s just a bad person doing a bad thing regardless of what color they or their victim are. Why ascribe motives to people based on what color their skin is?