I hit another car's back bumper

Silly me, we were in tandem in a drive through car wash, and I forget to put my car in neutral, and moved forward and hit him. Rather than go through insurance, and all that, I offered him $100 to just deal with it, and let’s keep it off the books. He said yes. I made him sign a waiver ( I know how to write them ) so that he couldn’t sue me or call the cops with “hit and run” if he changed his mind, later.

This is not the hit and run you go to jail over. I have noticed one thing about you. You are way too paranoid about worse case scenarios. Maybe this profession is not for you. I would imagine if you were hit by an uninsured drunk driver with pax in your vehicle then you might just have a nervous breakdown or a heart attack.

I say go back to the car and leave contact info…if and only if contacted explain the entire situation…(except as Uber driver) just tell the person was “dropping off someone (friend or friend of friend)and bumped their car by mistake” got out looked no damage finished droping off your “friends” then came back to do right thing…then work with them off books and have them sign waiver releasing you from further liability…and then leave it be

I’m 2400 miles away from you. You probably should ask the pax that were 24" away from you in the back seat when you hit the car. Actually I think you already know what to do. With all these “what should I do?” questions I can tell your conscience is telling you what to do.

The car is not there…I don’t know what I should do. I am going to go home and rest. …It has been such a bad night. I just hope nothing bad happens. …

Nah I wouldn’t worry they probably didn’t realize if for some reason the cops show up say what I said above…you were giving some friends a ride home and bumped a car saw no damage so you finished taking them home then when you returned to do the honorable thing the car was gone…and leave it at that I think you are good

I’m take care of this for you bb. Just relax, kick back on the couch and watch some infomercials for old people. I got friends in the police department who’ll make this all go away.

high maintence pax, how did they cancel mid ride, how is that possible…anyways the owner probably wont notice anything anyway

They are being sarcastic and joking with you. Relax, keep making an effort to locate the owner. Write down your name and phone number and put it on the windshield wiper so they can call you.

If the account holder gave permission to use their account, they are not allowed to cancel while not in the car. Finish the ride and request a trip adjustment. The account holder will be billed.

You should have left a note on the damaged vehicle with your phone #. Nothing else justifies your actions, trying to be a Good Samaritan for 30 minutes isn’t going to cut it.

If they don’t hen forget about it if they do explain that you were on the clock(don’t mention Uber tell them you work for Lyft or a pizza place not really any of their business what put you there that evening) and couldn’t wait around for someone to show.

You made mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. In a compete panic. Driving uber is not for everyone.

9 years ago my brother asked me to pull all the cars inside the garage after giving them a bath. Well I happened to lightly scratch The fender of my dads 7 series BMW while pulling in. My brother Quickly got some wax and rubbed the scratch out of the fender real quick.

I woke up this morning and saw new scratches on my rear bumper. My neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, was looking out her window last night and told her husband, Abner, that she saw a car let two nicely dressed people out of the car and then slammed into the back of my car.

As funny as everyone is trying to be, YOU hit and ran. Even though you only left scratches, what you did could come back and bite you. Better hope they didn’t have a dash cam that records in “park mode”. You are so panicked because you know it was wrong.