I hereby nominate myself Uber d****** driver of the year

I just picked up a passenger who started out by frantically telling me how Uber keeps messing up her pick up address. Strike one. Her son had requested the ride for her and she had no idea how to use the app. Her actual destination was the other door of her duplex. Strike two. I put in the correct address for the first leg of the trip. She was drunk out of her mind but she apologized and told me how several drivers at cancelled on her already. Being the bleeding heart that I am and Incredibly stupid I proceeded with the trip. We went over to her ex-boyfriends house to pick him up as he was going to go with her to get her car from her friend’s house. Thank God he was very cool. I honestly felt bad for her and tried to help her with the app as she had a flight the next morning. I got to her final destination and she thanked me profusely and gave me a hug. Went to drive away and thought to check the car after this Wild Ride. Strike three is the picture shown below. FML I should have known better. Live and learn.

Is that piss? Eww!!! I’d tell Uber I want a new backseat and would not settle for anything less. I also would have called the cops and filed a report.

I can’t stress to everyone enough. If someone makes a mess in your car that has destroyed part of your car, call the cops and file a report EVERYTIME!

Uber won’t give you a new seat without paying their $1,000 deductible. So legally, the rider is responsible to pay the deductible, just like if you got into a car accident and it’s the other person fault. They’re required, by law, to pay your deductible.

I’m not saying you should do this every time a mess is made, only if the mess has permanently destroyed your vehicle.

Why would you call police? Stupid to waste thier time and taxpayers money. She peed getbthe cleaning fee. Holy shit I can’t believe cops wpuld waste thier time. Here a cop womt even come over for a stolen car they send someone over hours later

Waste their time??! Huh? If your seat is destroyed, then you should get a new seat!

The cleaning fee money is not going to get a piss stain out. You have the legal right to recoup money if someone damaged your property. Some seats are over $2,000. Do you really think an $80 cleaning fee is enough?

Uber has an insurance policy for this. There’s a 1,000 deductible for you to file a claim. The rider is legally responsible for that claim. Without a police report, you’re beat!

And to be honest… I don’t want a seat that someone pissed on, in my car!

what happens if someone pissed on your car seat at 7pm on NYE?? That rider just cost you $500+ because youre done driving for the night because your entire car smells like piss! You also have the legal right to recoup lost wages, resulting from that damaged property…

Sorry, someone else is not going to take money out of my pocket. I have bills to pay and I did nothing wrong.

Sad part is I really felt for her. Even though she was pissed drunk I could tell she was not a bad person. We’ve all been there and I’m sure everyone of us has had someone take care of us when we’re not able to take care of ourselves. It is my curse to care for others that’s some will never be able to care for. Nice guys finish last yet again. Although I’m not sure that I’m not more stupid that nice.

Women as they get older usually in their fifties may lose bladder control occasionally. There’s an entire industry built up on pads for such a purpose. It tends to be more prevalent in women who have had children.

You are a very kind soul. MY bleeding heart left me with an unconscious passenger throwing his guts up, nearly choking. Thank God he was upright. Our night ended up with a 911 call, and the company of the fire department, EMTs, and the police.

Good times. LOL

No you did the right thing. I work as a paramedic for 15$ an hour. I see humanity at its lowest. It’s good to mot be jaded and willing to still help

Someone pissed in my car last month about the same size.they gave me $150

I just got $80 as well. Pretty sure the last time this happened I got $150. it was about the same size stain.

That is when you message back and tell them that is unacceptable and you are waiting on the rest of your money due to it being a bodily fluids and a biohazard.

I just sent a support message to Uber asking why I only received $80 this time for the same kind of stain I received $150 for previously. Their response was that the cleaning fee is now based on a national average of how much it should cost to get the stain treated. I wonder where they get their figures from. Maybe I should go in urinate on one of their car seats and see how much it cost them to get it clean.

Do not accept that! Keep asking for more and do not stop asking until they pay you…

Better yet, go to your local office and make sure all the new drivers signing up hear you say that someone pissed in your car! Uber will hate that!

Atleast you’re aware that you did this to yourself. First step to recovery👍. 3.5 years in and I’ve never had any body fluids in my car. And I was full time (a sucker) for 2 years. Shouldn’t pickup pax below 4.65. I assume that’s why she was cancelled so often…

No it was not water. I did the two-finger smell test and unfrtunately there was no doubt what kind of fluid it was.

Actually you can get it cleaned for less than $150, by cleaning yourself or pay about $60.00 for a professional cleaning, this would definately be a waste of time in court, for all concerned, as bad as it sucks, it’s the cost of doing the line of work we do, take the $150.00 and move on.