I have questions, please share your thoughts

Question: I have only been driving for 2 weeks. But every trip I have accepted to pick up a rider at a strip club, I get there and wait and wait and text them, and they never come out or respond to my texts. Is this typical? Do lap dances go into overtime or something LOL? I think I’m going to decline those requests from now on. What are your thoughts?

accept them, give them their five minutes then “No show” cancel…and yes, lap dances can go over time as long as the customer keeps paying

Wait 5 mins then cancel and get the $5 fee each time!

yup, wait the required 5 then cancel, you will get more satisfaction then the poor idiot getting the lap dance. lol

Cancel them after 5:01 minute mark and make your money- those are the easy ones.

Just accept the trip drive up to their location and give em two calls. Start the trip and just sit there until they cancel or get in. Either way they’ll learn to respect the uber driver and besides if they cancel while you sit there waiting. They still get charged for making you wait :).

As long as you are on target at the pick-up location: timewise & locationwise, wait at least five minutes (and one second, to be safe), text &/or call the passenger, and “No Show them”, if they do not make their way toward your vehicle as you lock your doors & put 200~300 yards between you and that location, and go Off-Line for ten minutes afterwards, so that they can request somebody else.

Ahem, as a stripper: Yes, lapdances can go overtime because I personally want all the money I can get from a guy.

what you can do, to be courteous is send them a text and say “Hello, I am outside and have arrived” and then in a few minute say "Since I have not heard back from you, I will have to move on with my day, I am cancelling your ride now "

These are recessionary times and I was blessed with a big ass. You must use all resources!

Keep in mind in a strip club, the music is loud, and having your phone out is kind of discouraged. Yes, it would be great if they waited outside. But naked women.

Don’t decline. Collect that 5 min cancel fee and move on. Easy $$$$$$$$$$$$
Go , wait 5 minutes - call them with 30 seconds to go, then cancel get $5 ($4 net) and wait for them to re-request for you !!!

If it’s a short drive to get to accept the request. Show up and text that you’re there. Cancel at 5 minutes and you made $4.The other day I waited less than 5 minutes and still got paid the $4. Still wondering why.

Uber starts the clock and notifies the driver as you approach the pick up location, so the rider may have already been notified and the clock already running before you even stopped.

I did that the other night haha. Collected the fee. Drove down the street and 2 blocks later the douche yells out “Hey!!!:astonished::astonished::astonished:!!!” As im passing by laughing bahahahaha.

I never turn my shit off , I got the same guy twice. When he got in he bitched about getting canceled and having to pay $5 bucks and I told him if I wait 12x in one night for 5 minutes I lose 1 hour ! I asked how many times does he work for an hour for free ? He laughed and said none. I then asked how much you paid for a drink tonight and how much a DUI is $20k if he got caught drunk driving? He ended up apologizing and I said just call when you’re ready to get in.

I don’t turn the app off. If I get them again that’s fine. I did nothing wrong. Sweetest thing is at the time when they didn’t show it was regular rate. They request you again and it’s surging. Should have showed the first time.

I dont turn off App, Kinda get a smile when I get money from them twice
Wait 5 minutes, then cancel.