I have never understood why parents want Uber to pick up their kids

Not only do u want me pick up a minor you want me wait in line and ask for your child’s name nope sorry can’t do. Its not me worth taking a chance like that. Pax: well someone picks him up everyday and the line goes fast. I’m sorry ma’am thats Uber law not me. Hangs up cancel.sorry Christian but ya mom is doing a dangerous thing. BTW the line wraps further around. I’m a mom myself I would never do that.

I had a real talk with two parents on separate occasions who asked this of me… and they claimed they’ve done it before. I said to them the pax is supposed to be 18 or older… also you don’t know the driver from a can of paint… why trust a complete stranger with your precious cargo like that. I gave both my business card and said I could accommodate them within my company but not as a Uber and or Lyft driver. A different fee of course… needless to say they couldn’t afford me… but I gave them my card anyway and that I will keep them in my prayers that their situation changes to where they won’t have to send their babies with strangers or their money get up where they can use me… a trusted driver in this game and know these streets and actually have a love for children.

Personal or not no sorry just me as a mother. Use the school bus or van. Hire a nanny where a background check can be done.

I already pick kids up from school. That’s apart of my business that I offer. And with both, the kids were being picked up for after school care and the school bus don’t provide that service at that time.

I get that unless you personally know the people you’re so considered a stranger with no background check A background check means nothing. You know how many very great child molesters have no background. I have references. I have character. I’m pretty sure unless someone has squealed on him… the pastor that attempted to molest me has a perfect background.

True.Parents shouldn’t put they self in certain predicaments find better living situations/ work schedule and let that child ride the bus.

I forgot about the third chick. I asked one of them… she was bringing her three GIRLS to the car… I asked her… had I been a man and said yes I’ll take them to school, you’d be okay with that?!:flushed: She said yes… I gotta do what I gotta do. Her children went to a school that wasn’t far from the school but the bus didn’t come to her apartments. I asked you wouldn’t at least ride with them to school and back… she said she needed to get to work and didn’t have time for that. So I told her because I have been a single parent and I’m doing everything in me to not cry… I will cut the app off and take them. She gave me $5 and I took them. I just couldn’t think of those babies with anybody else at that moment and I felt God had me there at that moment to play interference to the next driver. Maybe not a molester but maybe a reckless driver who don’t know these Atlanta streets like me. That driver who relies on the GPS and don’t look at the roAd. I just can’t imagine putting a job over my child. My son is 19 almost 20 and I was so protective that I didn’t think the teachers at the school can do a better job than me and I started homeschooling him when he was in the 6th grade. I didn’t and still don’t play about my offspring.

R u serious 3 girls n she would b OK with a man. U right accident anything can happen. God did place you there for perfect timing

Hell, apparently they don’t even want to do it. Some of these patents be doing the mist with their babies I swear parents are desperate that you be willing to put your child in a stranger’s car. You can’t pick up children from a school in a carpool line unless you are on a pickup list at least in my county t you can’t parents just don’t think these days

Wait y’all… :sleepy: dont you have to have a sign or I’d in your window. The schools are also to blame so anyone can drive in a line and say a child’s name. Omg

Nope. At my kids school you just need to say their names and they’ll send them right on out to the car smh That’s crazy parent will do that ,but I’m a sworn officer I turn them down each time.

No wtf wrong with folks!!Then he come up missing then comes slandering of uber drivers when you put your own child life at risk smh

What the hell school arranges pick up like that??? All schools I’ve worked at give out hang tags with #s on them and they call the kids by # and a school staff walks them to the car to match # to car tag…this is a kidnappers dream. Man, we need to do better.

I’ve been hearing about a lot of parents wanting uber to pick up and drop off their kids to school. Someone should come up with some kinda uber kids app or something.

This would not fly at my kids’ school. Your first and last name name would have to be on the pickup list. You would have to go inside the school and show your ID. They are extra careful about releasing kids

The app should only be available to people 18 and over. If they lie thats on them. I think it should have that question when u 1st download it.