I have never seen evidence that giving out freebees increases rider appreciation

Develop relationships by being prompt, efficient and courteous. Don’t try to buy respect, it doesn’t work. You can’t understand that spending money on gifts in what has become a bargain basement, lowest tier transportation business borders on absurd? It actually makes you appear to be unaware of how to effectively operate a business profitably. Amazing.

Are some uber drivers THAT hard up for cash that they think 1-2 bucks a week in water is gonna put a huge dent in their profit margin??Give me a break!!

It isn’t the cost of the product but the fact you don’t get anything back from it while you drive X. You keep passing that shit out on min fares and then the cheap bastards will think everyone should be giving them free stuff.

We are trying to train these cheap Pax that they are using X which is less than $1 a mile so they get that type of service. Save your water and the money on yourself as you deserve it more than those cheapos.

The problem is the goodwill goes to Uber not the driver. Pax still don’t give a sh** about the driver who provides candy and water. But they LOVE Uber even more.

You are kidding,right?I have a hanging trash bag in back that says TRASH.If for some reason,they decide to just drop it on the floor,after they leave,I will do a whole 4 second search of the backseat picking up a bottle and throwing it in the trash.WHEW! I’m exhausted just thinking about it

Yeah, UBER set us all up real good with that one. Build the expectation that drivers will have mints, water etc when rates were higher and pings more consistent.

It’s not your business, don’t mess with your head. As a driver, you are an uber’s customer. Riders don’t come to you, they just call uber. They won’t notice when uber fires you and gets 2 other drivers instead.

Really??cost to transport about 1/3 of a pound of water?cost to clean up empties??cleanup cost??spilling an ounce or 2 of water???I’m gonna go out on a limb and do something crazy and buy 2 bucks worth of water and see what happens…but thats just me,crazy dave…lol

I’m just happy that for once, everyone seems to agree with each other. Lol
Look some drivers want to offer water and chargers as a convenience. If you think it’s dumb, whatever, I don’t remember anyone telling you to do it.

Next time I take an Uber ride I’m going to ask for water. If the driver hands me a bottle I’m going to hand it back and snottily state that it’s not sparkling water. Then I’m going laugh heartily, but then give the driver a big, tasty tip at dropoff.

I used to have those small bottles of water and the little packets of fruit snacks. After a week or two I stopped as I was not about to extend this and not get tipped. Now all I allow is gum to be given.

I had an attorney I know ask me if I kept waters in my car. I said no I’m uberx the cheapest ride you can get. He said I always give 5 stars to drivers who have waters. So I bought a case and it lasted 3 months.

I never offered it but it was there in the cup holders. I never got tipped for the water. People who tipped didn’t even drink the water. I always have phone chargers available I’m either guaranteed a tip or 5 stars.

Still amazes me that people get so upset about giving out a little water…and please spare me the reasons why we shouldn’t.I’ve been reading this thread for a while and I get it…lol

in addition to water it is good to offer to do the customers laundry mow their lawn babysit their children excetera in order to get a higher rating if that fails give them cash back like a rewards program and then turn them into a personal and don’t go through Uber at all