I have a question as a new driver. Is Uber safe?

Have anyone ran into some crazy riders? Does Uber make efforts to ensure a drivers safety? Just curious. I will be doing my driving in the day time. I have a wonderful husband, 4 month old and a one year old that I would like to return to safely.

Uber is what you make it. No where is really safe. Its really like any other job, things happen. Just be safe and protect yourself

Uber does nothing for us!.. Nothing, and the 1st time you piss somebody off and the lie to uber, you get deactivated… dealing with that right now!

I have had a few crazy people and ass holes. Go where you know is safe or has a better class of people. If you have to drop someone off in a bad area. Drop them off and get out. Drunks can be a pain, but the money is good. Get barf bags, and keep them handy. You can buy them on amazon $12 for 20

Uber is safe but yes there also some crazy riders but it depends on where you are. 99% of the time, riders will be in decent behaviour mode while using Uber. In San Francisco, riders who are politically motivated liberals are generally in a bad mood.

I had one drunk passenger in the front seat and three in the back the guy in the front grab my steering wheel and tried to pull it I had to pinch him at the wrist and fight the wheel’s straight so we didn’t crash

Does Uber make efforts to ensure driver safety… Funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Lmao

There’s a lot Uber can do to make things better for us drivers but I would say it’s one of the safest formats out there. Need I go into detail?

They could care less about your safety as long as you make them money. I had a guy threatening me on night, told Uber 24 hrs later get a response that he’s been banned. A few weeks ago guess who I was “supposed” to pick up.

I actually email uber support daily with nasty grams and sometime near vulgarity. I’m sick of their pathetic ways

I live in a “dangerous” city and my peers and I know we run a much greater risk getting carjacked at a gas station so we don’t fill up at night or in bad neighborhoods. Utilize “Find Friends” or android tracking apps so hubby can keep track of you too. Drivers who perceive a neighbor hood to be bad make the least amount of money. Those folks are poor and underserved and usually more appreciative.

Don’t forget to connect with your local drivers on FB or Zello. Learning from others mistakes will make you a more efficient driver.

Stay away from party nights. Anywhere that attracts people who consume too much alcohol. The grand majority of problems we face start with drunk pax

I’m a single mother with a 4 year old I pray to come home to everyday. Not every job is safe to be honest but you just have to be very aware of your surroundings and assertive when it comes to certain passengers in your car. Best of luck to you. Beautiful family by the way.

not sure where you are but it’s a lot safer than taxis. Uber tracks drivers and customers in case something does go wrong. 5 years actuve, and only 4 or 5 negative incidents on record that garnered nationwide attention and most if those were Uber drivers gone bad. Need advice, I’m here for you.

No way i myself got taken into drug deals email them they mention for me call the cops yea for sure ill get shot dead they dont care 2nd case i had mace someone beccuase he was to drunk curse me out ask him iut the truck he refuse many times even after i said last warning so he called me mother fucker so i mace the shit out him and he exit the truck …did send out email to uber think they care hell no …alll there care iis for there gain on the ride

My number one regret is not coming a dash cam before I ever give my first ride. Once I got a false report filed against me I went out and got one and 10 SD cards that I rotate daily. If there is an answer I upload the card to my computer and the cloud. I drove my ass off three extra days that week to pay for the dash cam and SD cards. It was well worth it. Also you can join Zello and create or become part of an existing Network it’s like a walkie talkie for drivers

No it’s not safe. You are working in the wild open to anything from accidents to crimes happening to u. Uber has a rating system. If pax assaults a driver. You can give them a 1 star and file a complaint. Sometimes that rider gets their account deactivated and you become safe from them. Unless they have another credit card and email.

Trust your instincts; cancel if something seems wrong. Cancellation numbers aren’t worth the worry.

I shared a video today for driver self defense tech… I had a battshit crazy pax last week… upgraded my camera to a dual view and got a good tazer!