I have a few shots to add

Attention drivers, we all know how Lyft & Uber overcharges passengers and gives less to us and now hearing about the tip issue which I feel like it happened to me too but we have to do something about it, let’s start collecting screenshots of they’ll passengers and our payment breakdowns, we must be polite if we will ask them for it, we can call Channel 8 News for this and the eat this story like a hungry shark

I planned to do it once my business gets profitable. They are going to suspend whoever reports them. And at that point I’ll have no issue showing my face on national tv eloquently destroying them.

I mentioned this to the support many times and they don’t even reply something related to what I said like they pretend they didn’t hear it, but soon this will catch up on them

No about a year ago they updates there rules and terms which states they can charge the rider what they want and we only get paid for time and mileage so they are all in compliance with what we signed up for its wrong but they don’t care because there are millions of people who drive for uber and lyft everyday and there gonna keep driving for them regardless we are replaceable no need to for them to care

I’m not gonna participate, but I will sit back and have some pop corn while they try… the drivers ought to get real jobs (those who drive full time) and use both of these platforms the way they were designed (as a side job / supplemental job). Maybe if they’d do that they wouldn’t bitch about it as much as they do… I’m completely happy with what I make working 8-15 hours a week driving! My “career” supports my lifestyle, Uber/Lyft just give me something to do when I’m bored… :v:t2:

What’s a fake job?
That’s where you like volunteer or do something without pay right?
Yeah, I thought so too :expressionless:

I understood where you are coming from but to dis a driver for what or how they are doing is wrong. All of us have our own story, our own reasons and our own hustle. People do a job that works for them.
As far as being compensated, it is not right to sign up, drive and find out the 20% that Uber says they are taking could potentially be up to 50%. They have a system and the offer discounts, yet us drivers have no say, respect or a leg to stand on if something happens to them. That’s sad. You are replaceable and will be replaced immediately. The pay issue is sad, it’s a reason why they don’t tip and riders have attitude. I love to drive, and the job, but Uber is not right.
Yes I have screenshot to add, and I will.

You all don’t remember, when you signed up you ALL agreed to be paid per mile, time and base fare. What uber charges the rider isn’t your business. If your unhappy then stop driving.

Guys only one way to fix this and that is for all uber drivers to stand together and not turn on apps and basically strike don’t drive.
Every one has to agree to do this otherwise nothing will work

When you all signed up it did not mention that you will only get $1:12 per mile which is the lowest rate paid. How about they pay the same as in Chicago which is $2.20

Sorry we’re not weak minded, if we see something wrong we speak up and plan to take an action. Leave this matter to grown ups.

That’s, quite frankly, a retarded mentality.
Number 1 I’m not so unhappy.
I would like to make more money.
Members of Lyft corporate told me that they can’t raise rates because Uber keeps their rates low and they have to compete. Which is fine and how business works.
But lyft is charging a fuckt on more than they say and taking a larger split than agreed up.
They’re supposed to take 25% which is fine. But they’re taking far and beyond 25%. That is not ok. It’s the principle of the matter more than anything.

Lyft and uber only take 25%. What they charge the rider isn’t your business. Once you get that in your head you’ll understand how it works. And its not a retarded mentality. Its the facts. Do your only 2 options are # 1 deal with and move on or # 2 stop driving. I’m sure no one will miss you

My options are telling you to go fuck yourself, compiling data and blasting lyft in the media to force their hand and bring fair pay standards to us all, or give up keep working for bullshit like you.

Only deleted that because Gifs are awful.
If you would like to type out what was in that gif, be my guest.

We’re both figuring out how to stop big companies stealing from people, like I said we’re not weak minded and leave this matter to those whose man enough to stand up for others😎

I’m a pretty big advocate of free speech.
I don’t believe in censorship. The negative has as much right to exist as the positive.

But sounds like he is an uber and lyft plant
Why would any one not want a better deal
All he does is fuck with drivers heads with dump ass comments

Do you not get mental stimulus from defending your position?
How atrophied would our brains be if we existed only in a vacuum chamber where no one challenged our ideas?
He doesn’t have to be a plant to think this way.
He’d be ecstatic if we all went on strike. He’d soak up all the prime and extra rides.

This overall argument is not to deal with the issue by ignoring and drive with knowing lyft/uber are not taking their honest cuts. What is trying to be implemented is that, lyft/uber are charging customers an amount and only giving us a fraction of that cost plus their cut from the drivers. That is completely wrong. The correct way is what the customer is being charged goes directly to drivers then the cut comes from the drivers total. Lyft/uber rider payment -> driver -> company cut