I hated gated areas

I hate people in In gated areas…

I’m thinking someone needs to start a web page with gate codes for UBER/LYFT drivers

When I drove for FedEx years ago, each driver had gate codes for as many of the gated communities in their route as possible. Made it nice.

My favorite gate encounter was when I asked for a code “the code is when someone else drives thru” I was still on the arrival countdown and a minute later someone went thru the gates and so I went. Young fit Lady with a pocket dog was at the very end of the complex. By the time I got to her, the no show had come up; wanting to be a sport chose to not cancel. so as I’m driving towards her she does the point to wrist motion and come here wave; still went to her. Windows down, she’s all “took you long enough; open my door” sorry ma’am (that some reason ticked her off more) for the wait. Wasn’t given the code. Then I drove off, got my fee and went offline

I had one in Charlotte no code. Another in s.c. That needed a code and the people wanted to know where I was at saying I should’ve went to the first gate (also has a code)

“Wait until somebody else goes through & follow them in” is NOT a valid code sorry but I’m turning right around because any person who starts things off by being difficult like this is only going to bring more grief during the ride plus they’re more likely to take off a star just bc you tried to do things the right way in the first place.
I’m also not about to waste time waiting for someone I can tail through gates when I could instead be picking up someone who isn’t a hassel from the start.

It Was on a slow midweek day and the ping was under 5 minutes away so didn’t have much invested into it (gas wise) Wanted to give her a chance, but oh well.

Me as well. Nice if they send the code. Have you had any issues with security guards at gates?

Only once. Guy wasn’t satisfied by only having a first name and pick up address given to him. Ended up calling pax on speaker phone and he chewed out the guard.

GPS always takes me to the closest gate-which is never the one guests can go thru!!

Heh, I forgot one gate entrance until I read your post. So as I’m going to pax, I get a text with the code. Cool, went to where uber took me. “Wrong gate, please use the front” was the next text. Soooo, get to front gate and drive to pax. He’s standing at the building next to gate that uber took me to. As he’s getting in, I see a coded door to exit the gate. I ask if he has that code and if the door works. “Oh yeah residents can exit and enter through that door to get to the street” asked if he was a resident and he said yup. Bah

I don’t! I love all my free money I collect from them. Especially Line pax with gates… If you can’t walk up there in 2 minutes…:v:I am not calling you at all! You knew you had a gate before you called Uber…

Them: “Where are you?” Me: Staring at a gate figuring out how to get in" Might say that someday lol. They would say that and then you realize you are at the wrong address.

I did a Uber Eats to a gated community one time. Thanks! Great wings!! lol

Last time pax call me and He told me where are u?
I answer sorry “sir” I try jump the gate xD He told me fucking asshole easy 5 dollars xD

I had this kid one time…:relieved:he was drinking at a random apartment, got kicked out, called an Uber. I was at the gate and called him for the gate code, and he didn’t know. Didn’t even know where he was. Said he was going to find me. He didn’t come to the main gate and walk out…nope…he jumped the fence in the back of the complex…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Here’s what I do
I get there, I wait 5 mins
I cancelled no show… get the $5.00 fee

Then I turned off my app wait 1 min
Turned back on, then I get the request again.
So I finally call the pax letting them know that I was here earlier and waited and called but no answer… Is someone playing a prank on me???

They come out apologizing lol.