I hate when I get in my own way


(David Smith) #1

I’m such a dumbass. Apparently today I think I’m AAA. I get a ride which is a guaranteed $20 ride. His car wouldn’t start but what is my dumbass do? Offer to charges battery and then lose the ride. I got a tip but still only got half of what I would have gotten.

(Audrina Jameson) #2

U will get it back somewhere else for the good gesture…

(Peter Dave) #3

So, you gave someone a jump start and your regretting it? You did a good deed, that most probably wouldn’t do. Things happen for a reason, and you will make it back. You paid it forward.

(Mitchel) #4

Kinda confusing story, but i assume you helped someone and got a tip.
You did a good move, got a tip and didnt have to make a ride and be patient with a pax that could a bad one.

Invist on helping others… seems you get half the money, no petrol needed, and no pax complaining :wink:

(Haris_McMan) #5

So $10 for 2 minutes of work? That’s a fairly good return

(Amanda Halen) #6

Uber no Uber I stop give anyone a jump. I’ve needed one plenty of times and I never tipped. Just a thanks

(Maurice Nixon) #7

yea… i tell them to to not be cheap asshole and call a tow truck.

(Andrew Martin) #8

Really the point was to give everyone a chuckle at my expense. I helped then realized he didnt still need the ride lol.

(Kimberly Nelson) #9

Yep. That was a stupid thing to do. You’re enabling PAX to try to use us for non-rideshare issues. You need to tell those cheap asses to call AAA.

(Sharon Green) #10

I don’t think he was calling me for jumper cables he actually needed the ride it was me who offered them without thinking.

(Sue Cooper) #11

Sometimes it’s just better to be a human being helping another human being. You offered; the person didn’t call with the hopes that he’d get a jump rather than a ride. If you got half of it via the tip, you already got more than you would have gotten with a short ride. And you can get rides from other people for legit reasons. It wasn’t a total loss – besides the tip, you won some karma points. (Man, sometimes I gotta stop typing and read the comments before I post. It looks like everyone said essentially the same thing, only shorter and to the point…).

(Donna Harris) #12

Folks I was just trying to share a story. I’m not attempting to complain no matter what some of y’all think. Just share what I thought was a humorous moment from my day.

(Michaela Biksacky) #13

He saved 50 as well. Lesson learned.

(Sheena Washington) #14

I helped someone out like that once but they were nice enough to tell me to complete the trip without them after their car started up.

(Brendan Halai) #15

You’ll get the good will back from another nice person when you need it.

(William Murphy) #16

I jump started a customer car on more than one occasion and they are very grateful and have tipped well for helping them out

(Graham Sandy) #17

Uber is a technology company that matches us up with riders. You find out that the “passenger” wants a jump start, you can cancel, because that’s not what Uber’s for. After you’ve cancelled, you’re free to negotiate a price for helping out a stranded motorist.