I hate the way Uber communicates about tips

They go out of their way to tell riders they should not tip. It pisses me off but it is not the riders fault and drivers who ding passengers for not tipping are misusing the ratings system. I want to know who the assholes are, the pukers are, the shove 7 people in an Uber X, etc. Educate your passengers as appropriate about tipping, help them understand. Don’t abuse the ratings system. I five start almost everyone and if asked I spread the word to tip your drivers.

I create small talk. Even if they don’t talk much, I create conversation. Ask where they are going or if they are on their way home, I ask where they were and if they had a good time.

You will be surprised how much this will relax them. At this point , they will continue to talk and enjoy the ride. When they leave the vehicle, if I drop them off at home, always tell them to have a good night.

Bring up something from the conversation you and the pax just had. This will show that you were paying attention. Sorry to back track, but I always start off with telling them my story. How I have a couple other jobs and I do this at night on the weekends. I will tell them about a funny story or two of a previous pax from earlier that night or the day before.

But it is NOT the policy of every company to tell customers not to tip, to omit a simple tipping feature that a competitor has used from the beginning, or to tell its workers … sorry, its “partners” … that they are expected to decline tips.

If you provide good service, and they don’t tip, as far as I can tell, they weren’t planning on tipping you from the beginning , regardless of how good the service was. I would think asking for a tip would even lessen the chances of a tip.

One of them went 31 straight trips not tipped and rated them all less than 5. Out of those 3 complained to Uber about conversations with the driver about tipping. They put things together and deactivated him.

A restaurant could pitch that their food is so good that there is “no need for salt”. It’s still up to the customer to decide.

If a customer decides not to tip, that’s a reflection of the customer. They’re either cheap, or too easily fall for marketing. Either way, they don’t deserve five stars.

With all due respect I don’t care if your convinced. It happened, but doesn’t matter keep doing what your doing there will be less of you on the road. I’ve said my peace and given my warning. Rate the losers not the nontippers.

I’m sorry hammer bad policy. If Uber said please take care of your driver and then people didn’t tip than I would agree you 100%. 90% of my Lyft customers tip because Lyft supports it. Uber over promotes no tipping, fight them not the customers.

I do not, in fact, do that. I follow what Uber told us when I signed up for Uber Taxi (Uber Taxi came here before UberX. I signed onto UberX later. I now do both). Uber told us that we should give them their five stars if the trip is uneventful and there are no problems.

I do that for both Ubers. The way that application works now, you rate the customer on Uber Taxi before you see what they paid.

Reserving 5 star ratings for riders who go above and beyond is not bad policy. Not having a higher rating for pax that go above and beyond would be bad policy. 4 stars is a great pax. 5 stars is an outstanding pax.

What drivers that rate lower for not tipping don’t realize is slowly but surely they are going to lower the standard of what drivers will pick up. Most of us will not pickup below a 4.7 but since a majority of Uber customers don’t tip we are going to eventually have a shitload of 4 star riders.