I hate liars and especially ones who prey on people

I know someone that apparently been scamming folks for rides since November… She said she doesn’t have a car, then said its in the shop… Oh… She’s a driver alright. Her story is not uncommon. A lot of X drivers are just a few Pool rides from being in a similar situation.

I said it. She got my cousin. And then said the daughter was in Alpharetta. He went way out there only for her to say “my debit card got stolen” smh.

I knew I remembered her. She’s the one that had the drunk guy on old nat that pulled out a gun and she’s also the one that tried to get 16 rides at midnight on a Sunday so the rental could be paid for.

Lol so she had a rental… I guess it’s been in the shop for a while… Wish I had ss the post, at first she said she didn’t have a car then deleted that and said her car was in the shop

Sad that you can’t even help people these days without them trying to get one over on you. Second person I’ve seen today looking for “help” in this group…

I know she works there but u can’t come in a group making like it’s a last minute thing when every week. Then act like u have a problem being able to pay and it’s the same reason every time.

The funny thing is several of us said not to trust her web she posted the go fund me in here but not on her personal page and we were told we were selfish and miserable

In November, I think. She needed money for a hotel room and I believe members in here gave her a good $350 before I shut it down. Then I was called all sorts of names.:joy:

I remember her applying to a place I was working at the time she was asking for help with her hotel and rental. I figured she was trying because she was out looking for steady employment but I didn’t see the GoFundMe post.

I thought most of the children were grown. Remember she has a son who has mental health issues or physical health issues and she kept having doctor appointments for him?

Exactly same person!!! She offered to let her daughter keep my baby at a hotel where she is staying up the street from me I’m like wow not even!!!

When I spoke to her I asked where was her daughter and she said Lakewood. I was in Buckhead but I said put up a new post and ask who is in that area.

Hahaha, I admit I thought you were being harsh at the time, but you were right. I didn’t realize the extent of the sob stories

Someone who has known her since high school says that she is in Facebook groups constantly getting people to give her money. They told me she is a habitual scam artist.

I hate to judge because I know how life can quickly humble your ass but it seems to me she has become dependent on the generosity of others. No one owes anyone a living. We bring kids into this world, we have to be able to provide even when that means we may barely tread water at times. But some people…they just never get it and expect others to provide for them. I’m sure we all have a family member or an acquaintance that lives off of others. It’s sad.

Right… But we have to also learn not to succumb to our past and circumstances… We must be strong and move on… I can’t stand to see someone that has no (legal) hustle about themselves

So lets say her rent was a very conservative $700/month when she got that man to pay her rent… thats 8400 in rent money she saved. Thats crazy

Please don’t. Seeing that shyt makes me wanna find her ass. I know people with cancer who are being refused help due to so much fraud going around. :rage::rage:

Can you find a link for me to help pay my bills. I got denied from unemployment cuz i cant do a regular job right now. This isnt a scam or anything, i drive for uber to pay my bills but its not enough i really do need help. Thank you in advance. You can google me and all that. Im new to the area and just need a little help finding the right ppl to help.

You are a generous dude too. You opened up your home and you drop knowledge to help people get out of the cycle of living hand to mouth. Sucks when people take advantage period