I had to refuse a ride because the girl did not have a car seat for her baby

Just got off the phone with Uber customer support. She was mad and called me an a$$hole and her bf told me he should f#ck me up. I cancelled the ride because they didn’t have car seat. Obviously I care more about your child than you do. Anyway… Uber tells me that their policy is unless the rider cancelled after 2 minutes or I wait until 5 minutes to cancel they do not pay out. This amazes me that Uber always touts how they care about driver/passenger safety yet when money is involved they don’t pony up. I’m so disappointed in Uber in so many ways right now. Issue after issue they continue to drop the ball. SMH

Cancel immediately screenshot the waybill and message uber and get your cancellation. Dont waste your time arguing.

What? Do extra work by emailing them for it and spending an unnecessary amount of time? Nah, just cancel no show, and get paid immediately.

You made it more difficult for both yourself and the uber support by prematurely canceling. Cancel no show after the timer is up and it makes things more streamlined.

So your waiting 5 mins and emailing sounds like a lot of work lol. If they have the proper gear or not is not my problem.

Start and end ride to have a record of it. Choose no car seat Then click on it and request cancel fee

Round and round we go. Someone else want to try and explain to her why starting a trip is bad in this scenario?

When you start trip and immediately end trip, it gives you a list. No carseat is on the list. You choose it. They can’t rate you because they didn’t take the ride. Been driving 4 years

Do NOT start the ride in any way and go around the corner or to a safe location and make sure the “drive closer to passenger” doesn’t pop up and wait out the 5 minute timer. Then cancel no show and e-mail uber about them not having the car seat. You get paid, pissed off pax can’t rate you and now there’s a paper trail in their account.

usually when I have to cancel for no car seat, I call support and they make sure I get paid.

I explained the woman was harassing me to cancel. She leaned into my window to make sire I did it. Obvioulsy knew the policy. When I explained that I got my money.

Continue to hound them email them and keep going with it. It happened to me when I was driving I canceled and said no I cannot take you no car seat no ride. I kept emailing and contacting Uber and saying it’s not my fault that they didn’t have a car seat I should be paid a cancellation fee and they eventually did Pony up

I drive away and wait for that stupid rider for cancel The Cannery order when other ride into they cancel boom cancellation fee

Ha, it’s been like that from day 1, I’m 4 years in. The best advice is use their rules to your benefit. Just wait the 5 minutes, drive down the road a little. They even take a cut of the cancellation fee they never used to.

I’ve been screwed on that deal a few times. Next time just drive around the corner and let the timer run out. There really should be an automatic cancellation fee for certain instances like no car seat and underage riders. We would probably get hassled less if riders knew they would have to pay the fee automatically for stuff like that.

I just drive a little bit away if they are being hostile wait the 5 mins and cancel. I wouldnt recommend starting then canceling. 1 it will effect your cancel score. 2 they can now rate you. ( which will prob be. A guarenteed 1) i get at least 1 no carseat a week so that would kill me

Bf: I should f@ck you up!!!
Me: Oh OK, well she still not getting a ride and don’t threaten me again before you get f@cked up OK?

I tell them they need to cancel immediately or I’ll have to report them to Uber. It’s amazing how fast they can hit that cancel button! Then I report them anyway - :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I do I drive away do not cancel and sometimes a block is fine

They. Cater more to the customer than the driver regardless it’s not fair at all that we have absolutely no say in there decisions