I had one passenger who seemed to try to game the system

He asked me to stop by a grocery store, waited for 5-10 minutes, then dropped him off to his apartment. After dropping him off, I went home and before I could tell Uber about this unusual route, I got an inefficient route. I sent an email to Uber and got what I deserved the next day. The rider seemed to be upset and gave me low rating (I only take a few trips every week, I knew it was him who caused my rating to drop hard that week).

The inefficient route scam can be avoided if you always use the Navigator, it is supposed to give the most efficient route to the rider’s destination. However, it it a computerized system and does not take in to account traffic, your knowledge of the area and whether the rider wants to get there fast or cheaply.

Always ask if your rider which they want. Speed or $$$. If you are following the Navigator and the rider changes the directions and creates a longer or more expensive ride, you will need to email Uber and alert them to that. If the rider complains, then they will have your side of the situation.

My guess is Uber has started to calculate the distance NOT on the actual route of the car but based an optimum (regardless of road closures, traffic, PAX preference, etc) and calculate the fare accordingly. Thus, no need to report ‘inefficiencies’ or ‘adjustments’ because the fare you see immediately at destination is AREADY ADJUSTED!!!

Had passengers talking about a trip one took and due to a traffic accident it cost the rider .90 cents more. The one guys tell him complain to Uber you get a free ride I do it all the time. Scammers.

Obviously UBER does not care about the angst the rating system inflicts on most Drivers. Do you understand the unfairness of the way the rating system is currently set up? Where anything less than a 5 is a call for deactivation of the Driver.

Like I told someone in another thread, just wait until SXSW interactive! OMG they blow up Twitter over the tiniest inconveniences! We are very fortunate, we have a fairly select clientele during that time frame, so we don’t have a lot of time to do shuttle type runs for random people. If we did, I think I would do it under a different company name just to protect our honor

Some of my trips I was asked to do multiple stops before final destinations (picking up packages and dropping off) and I forgot to notify Uber but Uber never adjusted the trips. Apparently only when passengers complained.

Any inefficient route at the shit for pay Uber rates couldn’t amount to beans to the pax anyway. I mean wtf, how many reroutes amount to even a single mile? Most are 2-3 blocks at worst. So it costs them an extra 80 cents? Serious mental issues with such people.

when a pax changes a fare because they say inefficient route, does Uber email you that they did that? or you just happen to notice by checking your recent trips fares?

Being as Uber does not have a direct link with your odometer, yes, their version of Maps & Trips judges if the route is the most efficient and the mileage you see on your statement is theirs not yours . How much less are you talking about? I doubt it is much and you are getting bogged down in unnecessary details if you’re resetting your trip meter for each rider! I was flagged for an inefficient route which I followed according to their Navigator.

I know you didn’t ask but when you rate riders, give them a 1 or a 5, nothing in between. The riders don’t see their ratings, unless you allow them to see it, and a 1 signals that you would never have that guy in an Uber vehicle again.

What the first response was, uber is not your friend and I may add they don’t respect the “partner” part of it. They have no problem deducting a tip amount on your statement with only the word from the rider but if the rider tries to pull some shit like jam 5 passengers in the car, they tell you there are two sides of the story and they can’t take off the negative rating they gave you since you had to cancel the begin trip.