I had my first asshole ride

Guys were so drunk and rude took them to taco bell asked them not to eat in my car drunk guy said that was bullshit and did it anyway and made fun of me while doing it while his friends laughed that he was making a mess. They refused to add there second destination it was crazy. The guy left a huge mess in my car and i took pics and got an 80$ cleaning fee. Thanks uber :slight_smile: i wish i could go laugh in that piece of shits face!!

Next time you call nine-one-one have the removed by the cops and send the pictures anyway tell the cops this is your car they are threatening you you feel unsafe

I would have drove them to the nearest police station and have the police get them out and the cleaning fee on top of that.

dont mind it was an xl trip with 1.4 surge and my last ride of the night and i had picked the same passengers up 3 hours prior and they were very nice. Its amazing what alcohol does to people

They got what they wanted and paid for it! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Wait until he sobers up. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m sorry it happened to you, but glad their bitch asses had to pay for it. And the best part, you’ll never see them again on that account, until he makes another account

You shoulda kicked his ass out and threw the food at him. But I would probably settle for $80 revenge too lol

This is exactly why I don’t go to the drive thru for anyone anymore. Sorry this happened to you but so glad the ass had to pay you a cleaning fee.

Why would u not make them get out? You need to be in control of situations in your car,glad you atleast called for the fee

Oh uber is going to adjust the fair to ive updated them with the correct destination addresses :grinning:

You got an $80 forced tip from him… I’d say you laughed pretty hard in his face.

I hope you also gave him 1 Star?

I wish I could have done this to some 18 year olds that left candy wrappers everywhere. I didn’t know you could do this until after I cleaned it up.

Money or no money, the abuse is not worth it. That guy did not learn anything and will be worse to the next Uber driver. Put these people out of YOUR car and if they choose not to get out then drive to a well lit area, get out with your belongings and call the police. Oh yeah get a camera to document their behavior because Uber is deactivating drivers for petty things nowadays.