I got deactivated for allegations

Ain’t nothing but the devil. Allegations that I was intoxicated or was in possession of a substance while driving on the Lyft platform. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to evaluate me and get me back online? (My response to Lyft is in the comments)

After reading that rant, Lyft is going to know that the pax was telling the truth. Say goodbye to Lyft.

It’s hardly a “rant.” Why should he just roll over and admit fault when he didn’t do anything wrong? He’s right to stand up for himself and call into question what is obviously logically and actually a lie.

You can tell if someone was drunk or high over 24 hours later just by their response to an accusation? Gees please tell me when the last time I was inebriated then?

How is that a rant if he was deactivated wrongly? You act as if he is suppose to be kissing their ass, after 4200 trips representing their company.

That’s messed up. Sadly this happens all the time. Hopefully the investigation will turn out in your favor. Best of luck man. Ya it is bs. They just want a free ride. https://youtu.be/1LKs-uO8JfY

you should be fine. I do know how you feel. But with Uber after I call them it didn’t take but a day to get my account back activated.

Hopefully you drive for Uber and Lyft so you have the other one to fall back on right now.

hang in there. This is one of several reasons why I think Lyft or Uber should only be secondary income. I’m out due to accident I mentioned earlier but the boards are littered with drivers saying pax have made false accusations either to get free rides or are otherwise pissed. I think both companies deactivate first then investigate- which I think is BS. I don’t think they do anything other than reactivate you But get a couple more of these and it will be permanent. Anyone who cares about the driving job they do - which I think is most of us. Gets pissed by things like this.

So you have previous post about being report for about anything one can think off and it is still the riders fault? Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t you get reported for taking “medication” in pill form before?

you are correct my friend. I am 100% wrong. On that note hopefully you get it all worked out. Sorry for being that guy and calling you out.

Dash cam too. If you had one you could also tell Brady you have video of the entire trip. I got it to prevent b.s like this cause I heard of riders doing this. Please update how it goes and how long it takes