I got a call someone who has 4.2 rating and i accepted

I went to address and i saw couple people sitting outside. One of them pulled down his pant and showed his butt to me and that pissed me off. That jerk and 2 more of them tried to get in my car and that jerk came to my door and asked if I liked his butt. I told him get the fuck out here and canceled the ride. I wonder what would you guys do if you were in my position.

Would have drove down the street a bit, waited five minutes and then canceled the ride lol

What situation? You leave the assholes and what they are doing and then get $4.00 on top of that.

Sorry, I get $4. Each their own though… Figured if I’m dealing with their crap I might as well get paid

It’s $5 for both companies but depending on the fee you’re grandfathered into, you get either $4 or $3.75

I get $5. They Don’t Take fees out of the cancellation fee… Per their policy $5 is the min. It’s more in Atlanta and NYC… If Uber takes money from cancellations, that is another reason I’m glad I just Drive for lyft.

There are actual criminals the police need to be dealing with. Should report to uber tho. Dude is clearly an asshole based on his ratings and conduct.

Is it a crime? and being drunk and outside in a public eye and showing your private areas to strangers is not only public indecency but can also be a form of sexual harassment

We don’t really know if he was drunk. One would assume he was. Probably just a young kid showing off for his friends being an idiot. Calling cops is a waste of there time and the drivers time. Cancel the trip and keep it moving is what I would have done.

There was no mention of someone being drunk here so you can leave that out. Yes that can be sexual harrassment but you also have every ability to just leave the situation. Public indecency at max but not something to waste your time calling the cops and waiting around to tell them what happened.

I dont think cop would do something. I believe its just waste of time for cop to come. But i reported to uber

I would have called the police personally, but then again I know they would have made an arrest over it in Arizona for indecent exposure. As for ‘actual criminals’, it’s a criminal act. Under the principles of the rule of law where individuals are held accountable to the law, the guys a criminal. Police are there to enforce the law whether you agree with them or not. But you do you.

Cancel: can’t get to passenger. Report rider to Lyft. Move on. Don’t bother with the police, they have more important things to do.

the funniest thing is when I said “Get the fuck out” to him they all shocked and didnt say anything. :rofl: now i am laughing but i was so mad when he did that.

I also had a joker last night I let him out on the freeway I should not have done that but I too was so mad at that moment I just said your ride is over out

I get request 5 time in one 1hr An get 5 cancelled from the same rider , I just turn off my app An driver away , I get paid for all d cancelled

In knoxville,there nothing but drunk idiot hilljacks running around and i dont mean that towards all people i am from down there myself. So im just calling it how i see it.

I will not accept anyone below 4.9… especially considering the fact that so many of you drivers throw out fives like it’s going out of style.

Riders need to be pretty bad to below 4.9.

I accept all trips… no cancellations…lol…i was once young and dump bit now i am older…lol