I got a $19.99/mo. car wash pass at my local car wash

Totally worth it. Vacuums included, and I get the $6 car wash (the cheapest is $3, most expensive is $12). It’s pretty good, comes with standard soap + tire clean + spot free rinse + dry. No one needs the wax or the RainX if I can just wash it again later in the week (or day). Sometimes I don’t even wait for it to get dirty, just run it through it again.

Stop on over, I’ll drag out a hose, bucket - o’ - soapy water, a shop vac and some glass cleaner for $3 - half the price of a carwash and it will look better my way. Passengers reach out and touch the window because they can’t see it, I’m constantly wiping off fingerprints.

Which car wash? I have been looking for one and am hesitant to say $24.95 is a good deal since it is only includes a wash. If they had vacuums available for a quick vacuum, I would be all over it.

When I started looking around, I found a couple of places that offered monthly washes, but all did not have vacuums available onsite and wanted to charge $6-8 to vacuum. A couple raised the price from what was on there website.

I currently use Car Spa in Farmers Branch/Addison. I have them do a weekly clean/vacuum package for $16.99. Depending on the monthly special I typically use that coupon per week. This month, they are offering 35% off of there details service (Seat Shampoo, Floors/Mats, interior detail) for about $20 each.

It’s Carmel Car Wash. They have really crappy reviews on Google but I think that’s from people who are used to a higher quality of service. I get much better service at my other car wash, but I pay $10.99 for a basic wash there.

Hahaha!!! He’s talking about saving a bunch of money by doing it yourself. $360 / year is a good chunk of money to spend when you can wash a car for years with just a little out of pocket.

I pay $15 per month for unlimited washes. Probably a price war going on between the 2 car washes in town. The downside is just today they scratched my car real bad. I finally got the owner to say he’ll pay for the repair at an auto body shop but I’m skeptical how this is going to play out.

Personally I would rather spend the time not driving people around and washing my own car. This has a number of benefits including less wear and tear on the automobile, less money to the IRS at the end of the year, less overhead including gas and more time at home.

I understand that carwashes are more convenient for some people especially if you live in an apartment complex. At the end of the day though I think it would be a hard case to prove that buying a monthly car wash pass saves you time or money versus doing it at home.

If you drive primarily at night, you can get by with a couple car washes a month, but be sure to keep the windows clean. That’s the biggest tell of all, not the dirt on the paint.

Between car washes, which I try to avoid, (but can’t in the winter) I spray a mixture of water and dish detergent in an old Windex bottle all over the car. Two drops of Dove in a quart of water does the trick for about a half a penny per wash and 15 minutes of my time.

After each night of driving, I spray the seats with Febreze with Gain scent and then crack the windows. By the time Junior gets in the car in the morning for school or baseball there’s no trace of the smelly drunks or the heavily perfumed maidens I ferried to a fro just hours earlier.

Ya i just got a car wash pass for $ 19.98/month I think it it going to work out good for me I can wash the car as much as i want and use the self serve Vac too.

The carwash that offers unlimited monthly washes in Indianapolis has set the price at 3 washes, so if you wash your car once a week, it’s a bargain vs. paying $8 each time.

In the dead of winter, it makes sense. I don’t wash my car in the driveway when it’s below 30f. However, I end up washing the car at the competitor’s carwash once a week for the same monthly price ($6 each, Crew charges $8, or unlimited for $25) and I don’t have the hassle of trying to get them to stop billing my credit card.