I give water and candy also

I might be stupid an and rookie move but I do it. I’ve got 5 stars an sum have gave me tip because of it. 9 outta 10 don’t take it but it’s nice gestion . I buy the cheapest water I can. I might give away 5 waters a week so I’m not going broke yet from it. But i was thinking about carrying a small cooler with some frozen waters to keep rest cool in trunk with about 6 waters. I’ve never have that many away in a day so don’t see point in caring more then that at one day… Just a thought

Agreed. This is UberX, not a limo service. You want water set your destination (before I pick you up please) as a convenience store and go buy it yourself. Your fare is cheaper than a cab and I’ve never seen a cabby give away water out of his own pocket.

I’m sorry to hear you had this poor experience, are you okay? It’s a good idea to keep a hand-held vacuum in the car. Pull over between trips and make sure there are no bottles, lost properly or dirt in the back seat. This will ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. I hope this helps?

I stick them in my wallet to stay cold. There’s plenty of room as there’s rarely cash in there. Seriously, don’t give water on Uber X. It DOESN’T lead to tips or higher ratings.

Don’t get too fond of those 5 stars. It won’t last. Wait until some tells you he’s giving you a 1 star for not running a red light. At least when that happened to me I hadn’t given him free water, and had enough trips I could kick him out without caring about my rating.

Still a rookie here but not only will I not serve water, mints, candy, etc. but I don’t allow drinks, canned, bottled or otherwise, or any type of food into my car. There isn’t going to be a Starbucks Latte dumped all over my backseat followed by a less than serious apology topped off with a $2.90 fare. If anyone argues before boarding, the doors don’t get unlocked and I offer to cancel the ride so that another driver can be requested.

I’ll usually allow coffee or other beverages from pax. If they spill I get the $50-200 cleaning fee. I don’t allow food in my car though, or anything with alcohol.

The most effective rule of thumb regarding refreshments is to serve only those refreshments for which Uber fully reimburses you. That’s been my policy since day one and it has served me very well for two years.

Remember, only hand out the water for which Uber reimburses you. That’s what I do. Once that’s gone, no more water for paxs. This philosophy has been serving me well for 2 years.

Where on earth do drivers get the idea that handing out free crap to the swine who ride for nearly free are going to appreciate or recognize the gesture and reflect it in ratings? That is just pure folly, we will agree.

Most of the time, from the Uber propaganda. Sometimes it’s from hoping those swine still have a little bit of human compassion. But, eventually, we all outgrow those phases.

But really, very few of us veterans could accurately be described and jaded, cynical, or negative. We are simply experienced. That’s all this is. There’s no hate or cynicism here. But there are a lot of wise and wonderful, experienced drivers who freely share their experience, lessons, and tips. That’s why I enjoy dropping by out here from time to time.

One jerk from the back seat. “Don’t tell me that you don’t have water for me”. Me: I have more than water for you, actually everything you would want… Here. I had pulled up inside a 7-11 at 3am. Another drunk girl, “why don’t you keep sushi roll in your car”. I chose to ignore that question and drove on.

My ratings are always around 4.9 I don’t give away anything . The only thing I offer is an Aux Cord and Charging Cables Keep your car clean, don’t be a jerk , get them where they need to go safely and you’ll have good ratings

I’m sure you had your own expectations of Uber such as decent rates for driving your own vehicle around and making enough to cover expenses, partner support to address any concerns or emergencies that should arise, consistent rules and policies that don’t change on a whim without proper notice to partners, etc. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the message.

I think what everyone should do for a month is hand out waters and each time one is taken fill out a fare revision request to Uber saying rider took two bottles of water and request adjustment of 1.00. See how many requests they get maybe they’ll quit saying to hand out waters.