I get tipped about 20% of the time with Uber, and about 90% with Lyft

With Uber it seems to be quite unpredictable. Two Saturdays ago I had about $190 in fares, and $75 in tips with Uber. Last night I did $175 in fares, and only $2 in tips. I also have noticed that with Uber, when I have a longer ride, $25+, I almost always get tipped, and it’s almost always $10. Minimum fares never get tipped, Everything in between is $2-$5, when I do get tipped. With Lyft, even though I get tips more often, I’ve never received a tip over $5.

With Lyft, I get tipped several times a day through the app. With Uber, in the last six months I’ve gotten maybe 5 cash tips My ratings for both are pretty good, too shrugs

Nah, I just think that those of us who pay our fair share shouldn’t be subsidizing felons. And, heck, I think we’re OVERtaxed, but the way to fight that is to elect sensible politicians, not break the law.

Although, I thought for sure this one guy was going to tip me. I had to drive about 25 minutes to get him because no other driver would accept his ping probably. And it took me forever to find him because he dropped the pin in the wrong location (of course) and was at a weird location during high tourist season.

Personally my tips didn’t start rolling in until I started offering cappuccinos and steamed hand towels. Raised my rating quick-like up to a solid 4.6.

You are too cheap. Cappuccinos and hot hand towels only ? Step it up to Irish coffees and shoulder and neck massages, and may be you will then achieve that great level of a 4.7 rating that every Uber driver should aspire to, and you will become a millionaire out of the tips you will get.

I joined the TAG program and that seem to help me get a tip from a recent Airport runs but sucks that all PAX are giving no tip for Uber ride anymore thinking it’s part of the fare

The whole problem with adding a tip function is uber will report that as income. Is that what we want ? So we play right into the governemt coffers. It won’t be the drivers petition that gets it done. As it lays in the hands of gov regulators. And why the gov wants a cashless society.

What, to never see a 20 buck tip? LOL, you probably won’t see that again! BTW, what is up with people lately putting the $ sign after the number and the % sign in front of the number? Is this an English as a second language situation? It has to be as I see it a ton on this site.

I honestly get on average 25% of my fares (after Ubers cut) in tips. I look at it more in a monetary way than actually how many passengers tip me. Just Saturday I had a passenger so impressed with the way I got her to her location she tipped me $40 on a $15 fare. She was a great lady who I know had the money; I wondered why she even used X.

Last night I received a $20 tip on a $22 ride! But, most riders believe tipping is not allowed as they have made this statement on a few occasions.

My only guess is that they’re trying to distance themselves from the idea of being a “taxi” company and part of the challenge involves getting rid of the idea of “tipping” as you would a taxi driver? That’s my only guess.

I get a lot of fast food offers, I always pass.

The other day though I got two $20 tips, both on $20 fairs. I was stoked.

The older folks almost always tip, and the younger men do tip sometimes also. Young women NEVER tip, NEVER. I’ve got tips of $50, $40, $20 and then a bunch of tips under $10. I’d say I get tipped about 8% of the time, mostly by folks in the service industry.