I get request from a 4.50

Every now and then I get a request from a 4.50. I’m always blown away that they even attempt to get rides. So my question is are there drivers here that don’t care about ratings? And have u ever picked up a low rating and regretted it?

I’m biased because my rating was a 4.33 for awhile since I rarely use Uber. One bad rating can ruin a pax. I’ve noticed that many foreign pax have lower ratings and after reading the reasoning behind some driver’s low ratings of pax I accept all rides with no judgments.

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This is so true Marvella! I picked up a pax with a 4.2 I usually don’t but I did this day. He was very sweet and he was having a hard time getting an Uber and didn’t want to be late for work. He called me several x before I got to his apartment he wanted to make sure I found him at the correct spot.

Previously I used to never give a shit. Now I am so selective. No pool trips unless 2x surge but will decline those from the airport. And you gotta have like a 4.8 and if they request VIP then they have to be around my level of 4.9 to get me bc they don’t pay extra for me.

I never look at their rating… That is based on another drivers opinion… And we see how petty this group alone can be… They money spend green and… I’ve never had a problem with anyone in my car

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I picked up a 4.7 yesterday and regretted it. What was supposed to be a 10 minute trip turned into a 36 minute trip because she had me stop at 2 different stores on the way to her destination, neither of which did she add when she originally requested the trip. Her rating of 4.7 was definitely valid…from me she got a 3…never again…4.7 or lower never again

Why didn’t u simply tell her to update the app… I only stop where my app tells me… Unless I’m rarely feeling nice. So u “were” feeling nice enough to stop without informing pax to update app then turn around and rated them a 3 like they did something wrong :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I took a chance and picked up a 4.5 last weekend in suwanee
She was very nice and gave no indication of a
4.5 passenger
I assume she may have been a repeat offender in puking…she went to grad school at a party school-UGA

Uber pax CAN see their rating. Had some people the other day say whoever has the lowest rating has to pay for dinner cause you a dickhead. And BOOM they both showed me their rating…of course I knew the one that called the ride, both where above 4.7

not sure what they showed you. As a driver/passenger here in my market. I have looked through the app. NO THE RATING IS NOT VISIBLE To passengers . Then I went to LYFT support & asked that very question. I was told ratings are not visible to passengers.

I really hesitated to accept a low rated pax once, but did.
He was a totally normal businessman going to the airport. I wondered the whole way what was up with the low rating. So now it’s not so important; still – I look and consider before accepting.

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ok so i had an uber driver with over 3600 rides under his belt he was fob foreign broken English guy right doesn’t use the passenger app tell me he 1 stars all his pax lol but all my passengers with low ratings were all pretty cool they prolly like to drink alot and act a fool every now and then

I accepted a low rated Pax once (don’t remember exact rating) and was anxious about going to the pickup.
Seems like I noticed the rating just as I accepted, so it was a mistake, since 4.6 is my limit pretty much.
Anyway, it was just a so-typical business guy going to the airport; not much conversation since he was on his phone most of the trip.
He didn’t tip, but I couldn’t help but wonder, as I drove off, who he had p****d off! :smirk:

I look at the rating & if it’s low, I ask why when I pick them up. In my experience, they have no idea why the rating is low but don’t give me any problems. the rating system is flawed and bears little resemblance to what you will experience. prove me wrong

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And btw…I don’t personally rate anyone because I hate the rating system. Everybody gets 5 stars as long as u dont disrespect me or my car. Even my 2 vomiters got 5 stars cause bothed apologized and tipped really well.:grin:

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One group was some guys took out their newly divorced uncle. There was no way I was gonna make a night he supposed to remember as a celebration (apparently she wasn’t the best for him) instead be the night he hurled in and Uber and got charged $200. He threw up in his t-shirt btw