I get a 1 rating and uber won't reverse

Rating has a lot to do with my acceptance. I just had a girl blow a guy in my backseat this weekend while their friend rode shotgun chatting with me the entire time. I rated them a 1. I should have stopped the ride but I’m newer and was nott sure how to handle. Now Uber tells me I can’t work for them if I don’t take low rates riders who perform oral sex in your backseat.

Actions have consequences. Since uber Walmart-ized their rates their customers get Walmart level service. Pay me more and I will drive longer and be more patient. Most drivers tend to be more patient with a surged ride for the same reason.

I’m not sure what you think the role of an independent contractor is. If you hire an independent contractor to build your house, he has to build it exactly as you specify in the contract. It’s those pesky ‘rules and regulations.’

But would the hired independent contractor accept the job if he knew he was going to lose money on it? I highly doubt it. The only reason i didnt accept alot of rides was for that exact reason, pick ups with no surge, 10+minutes away and they eventually go a couple blocks, and 25% commission for Uber.

But that sounds like the building contractor who was caught cutting corners in order to make a profit. He should have calculated his costs before the job began.

don’t just check time. if you accept a 6 minute pick up, you need to also check miles. if you are close to a freeway you can be driving 5 to 6 miles in that span. i never accept pick ups more than 3 miles and a half away. i’m in la $2.40 for a minimum trip.

It may not show up on your “ledger”, but Uber does know if you do it. One thing about a computer: it leaves tracks. You press a button or a key and it is recorded somewhere.

Don’t know why you are comparing taxi rates and practices to uber that has a decidedly different and cheaper payment structure. Am curious if you ever drove UberX at all you would understand that per minute rates are absolutely pathetic and never worth the wait in traffic even with a paying passenger on the ride.

Accepting trips that 10minutes+away(by Uber’s estimate, which often overlooks traffic as well) is going to be extremely inefficient in many markets. If you are in the suburbs or something, -that’s different. 10 min in the suburbs may well be worth driving to.

The use of ARCO is simply a response to Ubers ridiculous acceptance policy. Rock and a hard place… It could easily be fixed by allowing each driver to set up certain parameters to work a given shift. Technology what?

If she’s already been warned about a low acceptance rate, maybe even ACRO isn’t a good idea after all. ACRO, like any other “illicit” way of getting around Uber’s slavery-driven system should be used only when necessary.

e have a KOA that is about 1 mile from several bars, restaurants and liquor stores. It’s also located in an area where there aren’t a lot of Uber drivers. I happened to be on app last night and I got a ping to take some drunks (8PM!) back to their RV after picking up three GALLONS of whiskey.

It was a $3.60 net ride. My only ping of the night. But I got a $20 tip and I decided to give a stack of cards to the front desk. They haven’t heard of Uber and refuse to call taxis because they are so far away and hate to come all the way out there for short liquor runs. No less so than an Uber driver would want to drive 15 minutes for a bar hop.

But seriously, while I understand the frustration that comes with long distance pings, keep in mind what this looks like from a customer service POV. Rider opens app, 15 minute ETA. Whether driver lets the ping lapse or ACROs, rider is still without a driver or in best case gets passed on to a driver who is farther away.

The only solution would be letting drivers set their own radius. But even that could get dicey as the radius is just distance, or would slow the matching process considerably to add in all possible routes and traffic data every driver may take. Personally I would prefer the ETA go away, list the number of drivers in the area instead.