I find I stay more alert when I really focus on what is going on on the road

All the road signs. check every intersection. check my blind spots on every lane change even when I know there is no one around. These sort of stimuli (street signs and such) are perfect because they keep your mind active without draining you. I am also quite active, physically, when I drive. I lean forward alot. My head is always swiveling. Finally, I use a travel pillow to nap in my car, often with the app on. The extremely short naps are the best. A ping wakes you up say, 5 minutes after you fall asleep. At first you are like ‘ah, he’ll no’ but after 30 seconds you are more alert and rested than you have been all day.

Low salt sunflower seeds. Something about shelling them with your mouth that seems to keep you awake, at least it does me. But if you are at this point, get some sleep that extra five bux will eventually set you back hundreds.

It’s kind of something you just get accustomed to. Same as taking a cashier job where you have to stand all day, sure your feet hurt like hell for awhile, but eventually you just get acclimated to it.

I was doing a driving job before so it wasn’t too bad to get used to. The thing that took me the longest to get over was the eye fatigue from long night time driving hours. I just made sure to take a break if I didn’t think I should be driving.

Definitely don’t want to be driving if you’re fatigued, you’re just asking to be screwed in an accident. I like to get out of the car and stretch, something like that works best. Being stuck in a car seat buckled in takes a toll, I think making you feel more drowsy than if you were doing something else.

I open and close doors for almost every pax…makes them feel special BUT more importantly keeps me moving around and not getting a stiff back from driving and sitting all the time while Ubering.

I hate when people come on here and say that driving is a mindless, low-skill job. You have to be alert at all times when you’re driving and there is very little to no room for error…especially with passengers in the car.

Uh, yeah. People who can’t be fully in the mode have no biz behind the wheel. They are a danger to themselves and others. I can only imagine how many casual TNC drivers are out there winging it who are on anti-depressants. Frightening.

I prefer watching Netflix at home on the big screen. And if I nod off I don’t have to worry about somebody knocking on my window or calling the cops.

Get a Fitbit and walk 10,000 steps a day which is about 3 miles. This job is not worth ruining your health over. If it’s cold outside go to an indoor mall and walk. It takes me less than 45 minutes to walk the 3 miles. Stay healthy and Uber on.

Drivers who transport people should be paid more regardless as you literally have the lives of other humans in your hands. This even becomes more dangers between the hours of midnight and 6AM. I’m not sure what the point of your comment was…but OK.

If it’s good enough for military pilots and astronauts, it’s good enough for me.
Joking aside, it really works well. You don’t get tired, or jittery, it doesn’t make you grind your teeth or increase the need for pee breaks. It probably improves your driving skills, too.

As far as caffeine go for it as long as your daily intake is 300mg or less (FDA daily recommendation), also remember that caffeine stays in your system for a long time (7 hours I believe?) so if you have problems falling asleep avoid caffeine later at night.

Get onboard with a delivery service and do some deliveries for an hour at a time. This gets you out of yhe car often and breaks up your day. Work smart and safe.

This stuff is amazing! It’s all-natural, has no caffeine or other stimulants, yet keeps me feeling awake and alert without that buzzy feeling. Best part is there’s no “crash” afterwards.

I usually will start my shift with coffee or diet Mtn. dew. If that wears off and I find myself getting tired, I go home. If I have a pax, as soon as I drop them off, I’m done. I handle it the same way as I handle “human contactitus”.