I feel the driver in both cases are exploited financially

But where Uber takes it one step further is they have turned a Bandit Taxi model and made it a “Just do it and hope for the best” kind of deal. While the driver takes bigger risks with Uber you are not making more than the average Taxi driver. You only real benefit is you can turn on and off at the drop of a hat. You cant do that with a Taxi. To make it work you got to complete out your 12 hour shift.

I go with the industry is exploitive…but Uber found new ways to exploit while providing a new way to market it as something different. The wolf in grandmas clothes if you think about it.

We all know that uber is exploiting its drivers. The problem is that the PAX doesn’t care as long as they get a cheap fare out of it.

From a pax perspective I’d love to pay as little as I can to get to where I want to go. I could care less about how drivers are being treated as long as it doesn’t affect me.

Uber knows this and is fishing to see how low they can get away with paying its drivers before they really see a decline in rides.

I 100% believe uber is getting more riders to use their service with every rate cut. The only party that is suffering from it however, are the drivers.

I hate this argument. If it does not pay well enough don’t do it… when the labor drys up due to it being underpaid the incentive will increase.

There are plenty of alternatives to make better profits/money. Name a city or town and I will find something that pays better than Uber that requires no skill set to do it.

It’s not a political question. Does Uber exploit drivers? Of course it does. To say it doesn’t requires ignoring what exploitation means.

Now, whether or not Uber should be allowed to exploit drivers is a political question.

I think for the most part is this post is more a philosophical one and not a call to action. It’s great to talk about it objectively but it doesn’t mean it will change.

The point you make is dead on…quit and do something else.

They do exploit drivers…

You exploit migrant workers…

We as Americans exploit weak minded people…

Driving does require a set of skills ( not just driving a vehicle ) , maybe this is why things don’t go well for UBER , the set of skills will take a number of years to build up you can turn a sh*** job in to a bussiness if you just see it as one . p.s that cornie frase you never stop learning is true in this bussiness you never stop learning getting better at it

By this definition, I have been exploited at every company I have ever worked at. Every place is looking to make money off your back. Ive been at companies that force you to work overtime when its busy, then immediately lay you off when its slow. Ive been places where the boss figures out youre smarter than the average bear, you end up with more and more responsibility with no raise in pay.

I’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying that those who say Uber is not exploiting drivers, because drivers could just quit, are wrong. Of course they are exploiting drivers. The fact that the drivers could just quit doesn’t change that fact.

The point is… any driver who is being exploited at thier own free will probably deserves it. I get you are trying to save thier souls but it’s a losing battle. Weak minded people are easily exploited and manipulated.

There is a reason why government limits just how much a company can exploit its workforce. Unfortunately Uber has found a way around those limits. It’s a loophole that has existed and be used for many many decades. But Uber is taking it to the extreme, to the tune of 160,000 workers… and growing.

If what I’m do is finding loopholes to dodge the legal protections that exist to protect those i’m exploiting so I can build a $40 billion company, then feel free to call me out on it.

If another company is finding loopholes to dodge the legal protections that exist to protect those they’re exploiting so they can build their company, then feel free to call them out on it.

I think all of these arguments are true. Yes, Uber is exploiting drivers and yes people can walk away and likely find equivalent (if not higher) paying work at this point with a lot less risk so they aren’t powerless. Bottom line: Uber is a horrible company for drivers. What makes them even worse is all the misrepresentations they make to passengers about driver compensation like tip is included in the fare, drivers make more money at lower fares and, the most recent one, drivers will make more money driving an Uber pool.

I see a lot of intelligent response to the exploitation issue. But aside from our own resistance to being taking, I cannot answer the questions of why I see more Uberx drivers then ever before despite two rate cuts in a 6 month period here in LA. So my conclusion is Uber knows it’s can exploit drivers and certainly takes full advantage of that position.

Lotsa money in consumables.
Look at it this way.
About 20 years ago I bought a printer for $700.00 and the print cartridge lasted like… forever.
That same printer today would cost you about 90 bux but you’d only get about 40 printed sheets out of a cartridge.
Think it over.

so to carry this idea further when slavery existed most places in this country we should have either just joined in and owned slaves or not had slaves and never complained about other people having slaves