I drive in an affluent community and if your ride isnt up to their standards you get down rated

The typical rider is tech oriented and business savy. Some of the riders work for companies and are in business suits. All carry a smart phone and some have laptops or other tech equipment. It is essential for me to have chargers for their equipment. I have a large blue inverter for their laptops, all of the various chargers Iphone charger a must and a power strip. I typically have 8 ounce Poland Spring water for them and sometimes Starbucks bottled coffee. My car is washed at a full service car wash more than a few times a week. I have a monthly subscription where I get unlimited washes and vacuums, but I also do some detailing myself. I dress in collared shirt and khakis. Clean and shaven.

I greet all the customers, engage in generic conversation and say goodbye. If they have baggage I jump out and help. Everyone is asked if they like water or need a charger.

After Im done I carefully check the back and make sure its wiped down. No obvious signs of dirt.

My rating is 4.8. I am Uberx.

Ive taken 3 Uberx rides in my area and they were all rated 4.6 meaning they might be deactivated with a few bad ratings. They offered no water and the rides were dirty. It looked none of the drivers really took care of their cars. One had collision damage on the front and there was a dead bug in the back. No one seemed really friendly or conversational.

If you work in an affluent area where people are used to getting good service than you may have to go that extra mile. If you dont go out of your way you might be voted off the island. If you take the attitude that you are just there to provide a ride and nothing more than you wont get 5 stars. The people that use Uber usually love the service and if they think you are not with the program they will hit 3 or 4 or even 1.

I haven’t been driving for very long myself, but I have found that sitting in one place and “waiting” for a ping will actually cause you to lose money. Being near hotels and bars is all well and good, if you’re there between midnight and 2 am. Before that time, people are waiting to be taken to the bars. Try driving near a middle to upper middle class neighborhood. If there is a full service convenience store (actual food you can order as opposed to prepackaged snacks, bathrooms, etc) or even a truck stop near such a neighborhood, you could sit in that parking lot for a bit. If your phone is silent for about 15 minutes or so, drive around the neighborhood a little.

Uber is basically like a taxi.
Do taxi’s have plugs for laptops and cellphones? Do taxi’s offer you water and treats?
so why would these affluent people expect it from UberX that’s cheaper than a taxi? help me to understand…

Suberman, you post a lot and at times to some length. Could you please have someone show you the apostrophe key on your keyboard and how and where to use it. (Examples: don’t, won’t, I’m, it’s and isn’t.) That, along with the use of a spell checking program would make your posts so much easier to read. (Example: savvy, not “savy” in the post above.)
I hope you will take this in the spirit in which it is intended. Occasional typos occur for all of us, but some habits can be unlearned.

Most often they reply back with an address, and it is usually not the exact address that Uber is sending me to. Especially in townhome communities, the pinned address is usually not correct. This allows you to avoid wasting time figuring out where they are.

When you arrive, if at night, turn on the interior lights. Leave the doors locked until you confirm your client’s identity. The app will show the client’s name, so pull up, roll down the window, “Hi, I’m Jay, are you (client name)?”. Unlock the doors, Assist them getting into the car if necessary.

ALWAYS help with bags or luggage, and insist on loading and unloading it for them. They will drag that stuff over your back bumper and scratch it up in no time if you let them do it themselves.

Say hello, ask where they’re going tonight, and input it into your own GPS. Uber’s GPS is based on Apple Maps, and it is crap. After everyone’s settled, the last thing you do before putting the car in gear, is start the trip.

If the client is chatty, engage in conversation. If they’re quiet, they probably just want to be left alone. When you arrive, find a safe place to stop and let them out. Don’t just double park, and have them hop out in traffic. Ask the client to double check for all of their personal items. Thank them for choosing Uber, and tell them to have a good day/evening. Once the clients are out of the car, their luggage is unloaded, and all doors are closed, end the trip.

Scan the back seat, and verify that its still clean and presentable, then rate the client, and go back online.

Could have been a great spot, just the wrong day/time. You will get a feel for the better times/places in your town with experience. I find that evenings near hotels and extended stay inns where businessmen stay is a good place. They’re from out of town, usually want to go to a nice restaurant or bar for the evening, and then come back and go to bed.

You can log in and be online any time you want. Whether or not you get a ping… You could be online all day and get no rides. Weekends are definitely better than weekdays.

No client has ever taken the bottle of water from my back seat. Water is a great thing to keep in your car though, it is important to keep properly hydrated, and I’ve gone through a couple of cases of water so far. A couple of mints were taken, but when they’re gone I don’t think I’m replacing them. I think I’ve eaten more than the clients.

I bought the various phone chargers because Uber says I should have them, nobody has asked to use them though. I have an AC outlet on my dashboard, but nobody has asked for AC power. I have magazines, but I get those for free, so that’s not really any expense. When a new one comes in the mail I cut the shipping label off, put it in the car, and throw the old one in the recycle bin.

I have a strong argument for Uber and thats cash. My bank account has thousands more this year than if I was not an Uber driver. I have a clean newish car in the driveway, paid off, which replaced the old 150k Honda which I sold for 6500.

I agree with you…Uber x is a no frills, cheapo ride, especially with the rate cuts and no tipping. Chargers? When I travel. I either charge my device or carry a charger.

Over at the local Costco a 48 pack of Poland Spring 8 ounce bottles is $5.49. It usually takes months for me to go through the entire case of 48. There are generic store brands which are even cheaper. As for chargers, those are also fairly cheap. I do get compliments and thank yous when people see the amenities. Ive been told Im one of the only Ubers where its offered. A large bag of gum over at CVS about $5.00.

Your POV is refreshing and I applaud your optimism. I like driving for Uber/Lyft, too. I suspect you’ll stop with the bottled water silliness eventually, but if you don’t that’s fine, too. Just be aware that offering water has shown no impact on tips or ratings.