I drive 16-18 yr olds

In fact, I have a ‘regular’ on lyft. It’s hard to tell they are under 18. Honestly, I’m ok with it - I realize it’s against the TOS, but I feel that is a very reasonable age to use uber/lyft. I have 4 teenagers and I know how hard it is for working parents to get them to all their stuff.

Definitely gotta be easier for woman. Just felt it wasnt worth the risk (I know it’s a small risk). I know sometimes the parents can’t take them. When I was driving I didn’t even wanna say anything to her because I didn’t wanna seem like a creepy old guy trying to flirt/get to know her.

They are too absorbed in their phones to pay any attention to you as a driver. No need to speak to them (did I mention I have 4 teenagers? My house is VERY quiet!)

So, because you’re a female and consider yourself immune from false allegations (ps you’re not), you assume the false allegation that is over blown, despite the fact there was a cabbie in Ontario, i think it was? , who was accused just because he wouldn’t let girls smoke in his cab? So us males should completely discount the fact it happened.

Completely separate from anything related to driving or me being female is the fact that false accusations of sexual assault/abuse are rare. Yes, it does happen - but rarely. In fact, rape/sexual assault are under reported.

So you’re sticking with “rarely” as a defense after you’ve been shown a GROUP, not a singular, but a group, willing to ruin a guys life and livelihood over $13, and in the same comment why guy shouldn’t worry because you’re immune?!

Now just consider all the various situations in which being male privileges you over being female. Think about this one situation and how it makes you feel being at a disadvantage - a disadvantage you had no say in or control over - one that has nothing to do with your personal character.

Ah, okay, cool, now I understand. It’s okay for men to be automatically guilty, or at least suspect, at the say so of women, because you’re not about equality, you’re about getting your turn at the top.

You had the opportunity to decry these wicked people for daring to use something as terrible as sexual assault for their own manipulative and greedy ways, instead of condemning it for the farce it made of actual assault survivors.

So you pull a random quote from else where about what, the fact that men are taught that they can’t be sexual assault victims? And that has what to do with this conversation, where it was clearly stated that is okay for women to use life ruining power as a plaything?

No what I’m implying is that YOU agree that if there is a top men have had it and still do and women haven’t had a turn there. Nor do you think they should.
YOU brought up the “turn at the top”, remember?

Difference being, I want everyone treated the same, regardless of sex. I don’t want to have the expense of two cameras thrust on me because I’m presumed guilty, and have to be able to prove my innocence. But, as is made abundantly clear in this thread, we’d all better damn well do.

Last year I drove a lass to school every day. Uber says no picking up pax under 18, but that’s a pointless policy. As long as you have a dual channel dashcam you’re safe. After all, you’re an IC and you’re running your own business. You can transport whoever you wish.

To be clear he sued each of the girls for $60,000 each, so $240,000 total. The last public info i could find on a quick Google search said the girls would not be speaking about the incident publicly.

My speculation is that Ubers insurance will not cover you when violating the TOS. I would even speculate it was the insurance carrier that made the rule. You may want to check into this.

Until or unless Uber can provide me with a solid, rational reason for not transporting unaccompanied minors, I’ll continue to operate my dual channel dashcam and will gladly accept pings from the boarding school up the road.