I don't think tips are all about freebies

I have gum, mints, water, medicines (out of site), phone cables, etc. I get tipped more often than not. Keep in mind I try to work crowds that are older and not the college crowd. I’m a full service guy, all I don’t do is open doors. I vacuum and wash my van every day and use air cleaners and febreeze.

Best advice is don’t ever start driving for this corporate gorilla. Uber they don’t care about any driver. Riders they will bend over backwards for!

I only fill up at one gas station. It’s currently at $2.09, the cheapest gas station in the DMV area, and it happens to be the third closest gas station to my house and right on the way to DC.

I agree completely. The other thing is to be patient. I park outside a Starbucks and mooch off their wifi until I get a ping. Driving around looking for pings just wastes gas and time.

I agree with your assessments… I would only add never borrow for a car and I drive in a cashless no tip city.

I don’t do math I do 25/30 hours a week @ $800-$1000 in my pocket in a car that gets 35 mpg and cost me 11K. As for my pax they are great as I never work past 11pm.

Sounds just like what I used to do… drive 7 miles out of the way to go to a gas station that sells gas for 3¢ a gallon less. I’m also famous for driving miles with the low fuel light/chime flashing/boinging away looking for a cheaper station.

now they have apps that are pretty good at giving you the lowest price in town… around 1/4 I check the app and see if I can find my way to that area… normally I have no problem doing so.

I drive so much for my real job that I have both a costco and sams membership. both pay for themselves in fuel savings and then some every year.

Drive a car that costs $.20 a mile or less to drive. If gas prices are $2.75 then you will need a car that: gets 35 mpg city, is worth 5k or less, will likely last 100k more miles without major (engine, hybrid battery) mechanical failure.

Something that I do that can help ppl out is previewing the route, you can do this in Google Maps. Either before you start to drive or at the first red light. Sometimes the navigation won’t always take you the quickest route or you may have a route with multiple quick turns. It helps especially me when i’m driving at night or in an unfamiliar part of town.

Come on, $1,000 take home in 30 hours? That would mean you’re driving nearly 1,000 miles in 30 hours, or about 30 miles per hour. Do you have PAX in the car 90% + of the time? If so, how!?

I call bovine feces on this claim of $1000/30 hours none of them after midnight. SoCal rates are 18¢ a minute and $1 a mile. Your net is 80¢ a mile and 14.4¢ a minute.

I don’t work for a buck a mile. Half my trips are $1.50 to $2.25 or more a mile.
You do all the math you want and feel free to call BS, don’t bother me a bit.

I would guess Xmike knows what he’s doing, he’s not picking up people at target or starbucks. He’s probably knows exactly where the likely long fares originate. He probably knows great spots all across so-cal.

With that said, I would also guess that this ‘30’ hours is what shows on his weekly summary and that he’s probably spending 50 plus actual hours at this endeavor. He’s not tracking the time he spends with the rider app on, waiting for the surge. He’s not tracking the time it takes him to deadhead out of Hollywood hills, the valley, long beach or Manhattan beach. Clearly, from his vague statement ‘a few hours’, he’s not tracking time at all.