I don't think the sign is necessary but it's not a bad idea

The first day I drove only a couple of hours and out of 4 or 5 rides I ended up with like a 4.7. It was probably one 4 but, like you, I’m wondering what did I do wrong? I think some people think of a 5 as being absolutely perfect, which no one is, so they default to 4. I wouldn’t worry about the ratings. It sounds like you are nice to the customers so as long as you do the best you can your ratings will be high overall. There are drivers on here who have silly criteria for rating (they don’t tip, they talk too much) so it’s makes sense that there are passengers who have the same silly ideas.

The first week of driving my rating went from a 5 to a 4.7 and then it went back up to a 4.85. Your first 100 trips is what your true score will be and where youll average at. Just keep driving and it will fluctuate but it will go up eventually. Make sure you get there on time to pick them up and get them there in a timely manner. I usually have waters in the back because its so hot down here in florida but either way do those to things with a clean car and a little chit chat and you should be fine.

If you feel that the statement(s) are too personal (the pax know it’s your sign, obviously) then I guess you could use the term “drivers” in general instead of making it about yourself. Going back to my reply to your original post, I only meant to suggest using the correct personal pronoun, (“I” instead of “you”) because your sign was meant to address the pax, and the pax is not necessarily an Uber driver as well as a pax.

I drive in Boston and have done over 2000 trips in 4 months. I have a 4.9 and if your just yourself, don’t kiss ass, and drive smart and safely you’ll be fine. The sign isn’t necessary and will not improve your rating by much but that’s my guess. It won’t hurt though.

If it’s really bugging you, you can always email their support team and ask for the ride details so that you can “find out what went wrong” and “provide better service moving forward” or whatever. Spoiler alert, they won’t tell you what ride it was, but will probably remove the bad rating from your record.

I had a 4.84 rating through my first 20 or so rides. Suddenly, bam, it was 4.54. Freaked me out. Other drivers who told me I just got low rated by one or two idiots and not to worry.

2k rides, 1600 rated, ~1500 five stars, I greet pax, talk if they wish or want to, no water, mints, cables and stops (there are exceptions). Here in Sunny South Florida UberX pax are misers…its that simple, I don’t do UberPool unless its a 1.4 surge or better.

Don’t put up a sign. Never kiss pax ass, they should want to make you happy just like clients want to when a tradie is providing them service. No sign, no water, mints, aux, chargers, or anything else. This attitude has kept me at 4.94

Your just new and like all jobs you will get better and get more respect with experience. The sign is just a red flag yelling new driver here. STFU and pay attention to your driving and with experience you will get more respect and your ratings will improve.

I don’t take any notice of the rider score as a rule. Only time I look at it is if the pickup is a long way away i.e. over 10 minutes. Then I think: long way away, low rider score (near 4.00) may be tricky customer, ignore it.

I am going to mount a “Mead 5 Star” brand locker organizer to keep some cheap chewing gum and such. Subtlety is key. The subliminal suggestion will go right to their subconscious while posting such a demanding and solicitous sign will be met with conscious resistance and possible retaliation.

Some idiot pax just think the whole rating thing is a game and just do whatever 1or 5 they don’t care and neither should you it will correct itself at 100 rated rides.

You don’t need the sign, If your car clean and no Oder , don’t pick up rider with score rate under 4.65, I promise you will always get 5 star. And don’t use suv car for uber because some how suv car don’t get good on rate from riders.

I agree with the need to maintain a clean and odor free vehicle but disagree with the no suv comment. I drive a Ford Escape and have a 4.86 rating.

Its not you its the idiots that get in your car. Like the other guy said, dont pick anyone up below a 4.65 average. Your ratings will go back up dont worry.