I don't comprehend the mindset of these purported travelers

I just began uber for some additional pay after my gigs on the end of the week, and I was anticipating doing this for multi month or somewhere in the vicinity. My vehicle is spotless, and I was respectful. I had a 5 star rating after my first day 9 trips or somewhere in the vicinity. On my second day, I grabbed this person and he more likely than not given me an awful appraising on the grounds that my rating dropped to 4.21 after 17 trips. This is just 10 hours per week or so for me, and to be perfectly honest, I needn’t bother with this exacerbation. I am simply offering individuals a ride for a couple of hours. I am NOT an expert driver, I have a multi year old vehicle, and I am not driving uber dark or anything like that.

They are utilizing my time, my gas, and my vehicle to spare them a couple of bucks on a taxi, and this is the way they treat you. Some person needed me to go quicker (I was at that point going 10 miles over the limit) so he wouldn’t be late to this wedding he was at that point late for. He request that I turn on the radio, and was compelled to tune in to 96.7 (i.e. poop music) and did everything that I could to satisfy him. And after that there are the general population that will put on the wrong location in the application and after that I get the fault for it. At that point there are the ones that put in their goal address and disclose to you how to go. It’s silly. At that point another person was simply calm in the rearward sitting arrangement with his sweetheart grumbling about everything about my vehicle.

What gets me is that uber doesn’t give us a chance to see the criticism. How would they anticipate that drivers should make sense of how they are to show signs of improvement at this? This is exceptionally frustrating.

For mercy’s sake I went through right around a year in Miami, I couldn’t stand to return, not to mention work out there. The greatest con I’d have are local people. I can’t stand being encompassed by such a large number of Cubans and Dominicans. However, perhaps that is only the Mexican in me :slight_smile:

I think you said all that needed to be said, you have a multi year old vehicle. Numerous more current autos out there.

I drive a 2013 BMW 335, my input is 4.97.

I don’t offer water, gum, chicle, or some other poo.

They get the opportunity to drive in style at a modest cost.

What I provide for my clients is a top off on their conscience.

Only something about getting to your next goal in a BMW rather than a prius.

The agents cherish it.

They need to have a most loved segment to the uber application, so they can ask for me in the event that I am on the web.

Best Part, I spared $70 on an acrylic box, I don’t hace to stress over spills in my vehicle, don’t need to stress over them abandoning garbage, don’t need to stress over where they will stick their utilized biting gum.

At the cost of Uberx, they get a definitive driving machine.

Sorry to learn self important, yet individuals would prefer not to ride in a hoopty.

Picture is everything.

Give the vehicle a chance to get you the 5*. That is all it truly takes ;- )

If its all the same to you I’ll offer two or three recommendations:

Try not to let any experiences, inside or outside your vehicle, disappoint you!

Abstain from thinking about minor insults literally! Let your genuine self come through in your communications, that is be yourself…like you said “It’s your vehicle” all things considered!


I comprehend, I didn’t intend to outrage.

Here’s a precedent . . .

Place yourself in the clients shoes.

His first uber ride is a 2014 Portage Party

His second uber ride is a 2005 Portage Party.

In the event that you were the client would you rank the two rides a 5* or would you give the more current ride a higher check?

My conciliatory sentiments, I truly didn’t intend to irritate.

Only something to consider.

I think I communicated it nicerly with the model.

Furthermore, at last you’ll have two vehicles deplored for sucker change money… Why the damnation would you demolish those vehicle values… I could move steak and lobster for $5 a plate and individuals would ask for me to be open for supper as well however toward the year’s end I would have lost money…I you running premium fuel, your mpg isn’t all that… The deprication is diving with each mile… It is safe to say that you are getting enough assets to supplant that vehicle in 2-3 years??

Truly, does it truly make a difference?

You’re getting butt-centric, similar to a uber client.

Weave singling out doltish unessential ****.

It makes it less demanding to peruse, so it doesn’t get all packed up.

Today I just completed 5 rides, I most likely dropped around at least 20. $227.56

So tired of Uber’s poop.

Those jack asses endeavored to send me to Venice from Brentwood saying it’s 17 minutes. That drive around then of day would’ve been 30 minutes.

Being increasingly particular at this point.

I am told I can work when I need as well, so I am.

I dropped such huge numbers of that where 1.5x.

They should give us a chance to see the guide without signing in, so I don’t need to keep dropping rides when I check the flood.

This is the thing that I have up until now.

Santa Clause Monica to Downtown $24.06

In transit back. grabbed $6.95 to Venice.

1.75x from Beverly Slopes to Brentwood $17.60

1.75x From Brentwood to Long Shoreline $70.96

In transit back took the 1 (lincoln) from Long Shoreline, got a 3.00x at Careless to The Woods $56.89

Not terrible for 3.5 long periods of work.

Returning out later this evening, to convey the gathering individuals and profit by the flood.

For every one of the peeps that fell into Uber’s device and sending you to downtown for the nourishment and wine celebration.

Give it a chance to be an exercise not to leave your post.

They sent everybody downtown so it flooded wherever else however downtown.

Try not to fall into the Uber trap. You’re huge young men and young ladies, settle on your own choice where to angle.

So I brought my rating up to 4.79 this past work day end of the week, at that point I went out, took one individual, and that jerk brought my rating down to 4.1. This is silly. The person that brought it down to 4.1 was in the vehicle for under 5 minutes for a $5.00 trip.

dont think it will proceed. Got an email from uber LA, fellow says they have a few hundred candidates.

they are including such huge numbers of vehicles, not certain how much rides will be left.

for what it’s worth, amid weekdays, you could sit tight a hour for a ride. Before long we will resemble taxis sticking around.

but we profit

I use to do over $300 every day, presently down to $240. Simply going to deteriorate as more autos become possibly the most important factor.