I do not blame you at all for quitting

No one can drive for $0.30/mile. It costs me about $0.28/mile to operate a VW Jetta. I will not drive for $0.90/mile in San Diego unless it is surging. I can’t afford to do straight miles at $0.90/mile and ten cents/min. How the hell do they get drivers in Detroit? What is the dynamic that makes it possible for Uber to blatantly rip off Detroit drivers?

No, humorless driver guy. The orange jump suit is for his lifestyle choices.
That boy obviously makes some bad decisions, and blames others for his choices. That usually ends up bad. Uber can, and has prosecuted drivers for fraud. Uber has more lawyers than programmers on the payroll.

3300 rides buddy. How many do you have under your belt? 9 months and counting. Say… do you have an Uber Alter in your bedroom that you make offerings to?

But to answer your question. I think s most drivers don’t even know the rate. They see the guarantees on social media of making X amount of dollars a week and just join. I myself did the same thing when I started I seen that I could make over 2000 a week.

It’s not pax fault that Uber does this crap. The service is to take pax from point A to B. Other than that they shouldn’t expect anything more with this rate. But if you accept a ping just to collect $5 cancellation fee leaving pax waiting wondering where the car is, you are robbing the pax. You made the right decision. If you don’t like the rate, quit.

The PAX need to learn the hard way, and should be made aware. Uber’s about to be ruined from within, thanks in part, to people like us who have the guts to stand up for ourselves. It is in fact, in part, the PAX’s fault; use Lyft, or if in Phoenix, Fare.

If you step out of bounds so to speak in the NFL you will get immediately deactivated, much like Uber…LOL. Besides them being a non taxed entity or something crazy, despite their power I don’t think they can keep the lid on the concussion syndrome thingy and their demise along with Uber’s will be well deserved.

Ahhhhh… yes. We are of the same ilk my friend. Reading your reply brings a smile to my face and relaxation to my sphincter. It is quite a sight isn’t it? Watching those plebs squabble and raise their torches at us, as though we were the tyrants with our little cars and apps.

The reason you SHOULD stay on as a driver can be covered in the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer!”…Be on the inside and work from there…stay in the “loop” and attack from within (where they will not likely look…Dang it I wished YOU worked at Ubers Data center!).

He replied that he is doing his “part” (hurting the gov’t) by “bleeding the beast” (taking $$ from the gov’t). I thought it was like biting the hand that feeds you BUT I do see his point. Sometime you do have to think “outside the box” and for that I have to applaud the OP.

You’re going to get a private message from me, yes. I’m not sure about the comparison you made, but I have two other apps I drive for, and no intention of quitting. I am in fact, a mole, a saboteur.

Absolutely, this is a class issue. You should know that the welfare “frauds” as you call them, are fighting for scraps falling off the master’s table. The real enemies are the .01% and their legions of willing slaves.

I do stuff like this all the time. It’s about max profit with me. I speed with pax in the car and everything. If they offer sex, I take it. Offer food from the drive threw, I take it. A Pepsi from the gas station as well. Extra cash for stopping during route.

And this, folks, is exactly the kind of driver that will come to represent the face of Uber as they aggressively pursue their race to the bottom. Congratulations, Uber. You’ve earned it.

How many French male UberX drivers with an “eh” rating from driving long stretches at night for the last 9-11 months in Pheonix received $1700 in passenger referral bonuses in late May of 2015? You’re cocky simply for not seeing how these things can be used to identify you and pretty much every post you’ve written in this. Really, I’m not opposed to cocky or to what you are doing.