I do multiple stops. However:

  • Where I live it’s $.25/min $15/hr not too bad for just waiting
  • I’m not busy all the time, so if I were to drop them off and they request another Uber I don’t get the continuation of the ride
  • Sometimes it lengthens the trip. Had one drunk pax want to go to the McD drive-thru and the only one open at that time of night turned a 2 mile trip into 7 miles.

So overall I figure I’m making money by doing it. Plus it’s just good customer service. I know I’m just one of many Uber drivers but I want them to come back, and back, and back.

I did notice that about Detroit, that per minute is pretty impressive. .30*60=$18. If you sat around for 24 hours without moving, that would be… 432. LOL! Don’t MOVE!!

Why didn’t she just say “I know you don’t get paid enough by the minute to wait, but if you do I’ll tip you $10?” I don’t wait any more because I have only had ONE person ever tip me after waiting. So the odds say not to. This trip of your wife’s was the exception, not the rule.

I always try and wait. However, I know that when the PAX says it will only be 5 minutes, it will be at least 10 (double). You have a guarantee ride leaving along with at least a few $ wait time with no run time on your car.

The only time I don’t wait is if I “know for sure” there is an event getting ready to happen. Typically, in that situation the PAX knows it too and is just really trying to avoid a surge charge on the return ride.

I suppose we can refuse the fare or refuse to make an extra stop. I’ve had lots of Asshats that wait until were on the road and then tell me they want to make a stop to pick up a friend then make me wait 5 minutes while they go inside. And they usually they don’t tip either. Especially the 20 - 30 somethings. Once I had a Chinese take out want to use me for deliveries but I refused.

15 cents a minute. I always stay as a courtesy even though chances are Im losing money. I dont mind driving to multiple pickups. More miles equals more money.

It isn’t worth it …I just contact Law Enforcement, and hand over the wallet/STate document, and move along. The Pax may call the Police agency. We are not paid to return their lost items. Financially it can kill your earnings tracking them down and wasting your gas/etc on finding them for no compensation.

You seem to be stating that waiting more than 5 minutes often works out in the drivers benefit. It doesnt. Your couple of examples are the exception, not the norm. And your example with your epileptic wife really makes her sound like the bad guy, not the driver.

Heres mine from today, woman with Heroin withdrawal shakes wants ride one mile to hospital, to pick up script, another half mile to pharmacy to fill, an 1.5 back to home. “Only takes 5-10 minutes”… yeah right. Not a chance lady. I wish I just canceled her fair at the first stop, but was still a little blearly at 7am. Rating dropped for 4.74 to 4.71… oh well.

I’ll let people know right away we don’t get paid to wait I got to keep the wheels moving. I tell him if my wheels are moving I’m not getting paid and my kids don’t get fed if they want to throw me 5 or 10 bucks to wait then I’ll wait

I usually just tell them sure but if you’re gonna be longer than 5 min then you will have to request a new uber…cuz we get requests coming in when we are busy so I can’t wait too long, sorry…

$18/hr gross with no mileage isn’t bad, I generally don’t have a problem with stops during a fare. I’d rather have a short stop than the pax making me wait 2-3 minutes before they bless me with their presence.

Paid by the minute? In Phoenix, the per minute rate is a wooping 12 cents/min. 60*.12= 7.2. 7 dollars and 20 cents an hour to wait. Is that worth your time? It certainly isn’t worth mine. Unless the surge is 3x, not worth my time. If they want me to wait, they have 3 minutes, or they better offer a tip. Don’t listen to this guy, we make money when we MOVE, not when we sit still.

Depends on the stops requested. I often tell people I would be happy to drop them off and they can order another Uber when they are done. In San Diego the wait for an Uber is about 5 minutes. I don’t allow multiple stops at multiple stores. Can’t make any money doing that.

I do grocery store runs for people that really need it, I wait. I help some people get them too the door. Only for folks that actually need that service though. The 6’ 200lb able bodied person doesn’t need help with the groceries.