I do multiple stops all the time

It is usually to drop off/Pickup one of the pax at different addresses. Had one was a single guy rider needed to go to the Local Bass Pro store. Location was about 16 miles so …sure, had me wait about 10 min until he came out with his purchase. (Compound Bow shipping case), next leg was to his hotel by airport, another 5 mi. He was a hunting guide and needed a new case for the next mornings flight…I will keep the app running the entire time (.20 min), and also the multiple stops will mostly add on miles from the original A-Z locations.

There are two different types of multiple stops.

One is as discribed by the OP; stopping and shopping. That is no good.

However, there’s another type of multiple stops; multiple drop offs and pickups as long as there’s minimal wait times (such as a pax simply jumping in or out of the vehicle). Those can be lucrative. If I have 4 pax from the same group that wants to be dropped off at 4 separate locations, that’s a great trip. No problem, as long as at each drop off, the next address is updated in the app via the pax app. No exceptions.

Riders aren’t required to rate you when the trip is over. The rating you’re seeing could be from a previous days trip that they are now rating days later.

I don’t mind waiting at stops, EXCEPT when I am on a minimum fare ride. Nothing worse that stopping for coffee and waiting when you know it’s still going to be a mini.

I have had multiple successful rides where I made multiple stops with the passenger. My area is not busy enough to say no. I’d rather keep the passenger I’ve got until the end than be idle for 15,30,45 minutes.

well you learned your lesson even it was little too late.And yu also need to learn to say NO to people.

Only up to 48 hours. It was immediately after the trip, and I hadnt driven in over 30 hours. I know my surge pax rated me.

I’ve had this happen to me, but I was not angry at all! One time, I picked up a passenger who only had me drive about 20 miles in a span of 3 hours. It was also surging at about 1.9X.

He was shopping at ralphs for one full hour and I was keeping the meter going. In fact, I was inside with him! We then went to walgreens and then to a courthouse! I made more than what I would make if I was driving the whole time! The difference is the surge, I guess. But in your case, I would not tolerate that.

I don’t mind making a stop or two if destination is worth it and not for a min fare ride like the above mentioned especially since min rides rarely tip.

What I will not do anymore is return a left behind item. Did it once, the pax ignored the Lyft tip option, wasted my time driving back, gas and chance at another fare. Next time I will drop it off at the Lyft office at my convenience which is a couple of miles away from my house.

Not sure how accurate the 48 hours is but even if it is, then you had likely someone from 30 hours to 48 hours before that rated you.

It seems the passengers dont know u dont get paid to wait … Unlike a cab !
They may think they re doing u the favour. Im astounded you dint get paid waiting time … I know Sydney Uber do.

Why do you drivers wait on these people!!! Do you think you can go into their work and make them clock out for five minutes while you buy alcohol across the street!!! That’s basically what they have you doing, clocking out!!! We don’t get paid for time people!!!

It comes to about 5 dollars for one hour!!! End the trip!!! Everyone end the trip even for ATM!!! I promise you, you will be surprised that most of the time there’s a 40 dollar ride you wouldn’t of got if you hadn’t of ended the trip. NEVER wait for customers, that was the TAXI cab business, not the UBER business. They want you to wait, tell em call a taxi!!!

I wonder why Uber doesnt have a waiting charge in the USA ?
Is this in all States or just some? Wonder why we have a waiting time charge here in Sydney Australia? Be far better for Uber business to have a waiting charge there.

If you check the breakdown of each trip…it should disclose the amount a driver receives per mile and per minute. So yes we do get paid for time…