I didn’t know we could pickup people in other states with lyft🤔

Sooo, I know with Uber we cannot pickup passengers in NY. But Saturday night I did lyft all night for the first time. I picked someone up in Oakland, NJ took them to White Plains, NY… got a ping in White Plains, NY took them to Norwalk, CT and got one ping after another there.

Maybe only NYC/Manhattan? other counties may allow it? I did one ride once from NJ to JFK, family full of luggages, got stuck in traffic took me 6 hrs for the whole ordeal, no tip and couldn’t pick anyone up… :frowning:

Anytime I take a 45+ minute ping, I send a text asking where their destination is, because I might need to stop and get gas. 9 times out of 10 it works.

Go to woodmere after jfk. First 711 off nassau expressway is considered a suburb therefore u can pickup w lyft

That’s a good idea texting to ask where it is and sometimes it would also be true too if it is a real long trip too. I’m going to do that since I would be happy to take some long trips.

I have driven riders to Rockland County and was not able to pick up there. Maybe Jersey drivers can now pick up in New York State outside of New York City. Or maybe there was a glitch with your app. I was able to pick up in Connecticut.

Uber just shuts down on me until I’m back in Jersey. I’ve gone way up into upstate NY from Newark Airport. I took a person to Connecticut, about an hour and a half from Bergen County. I couldn’t pick up on either of those trips until I was back.