I did the whole 1 star for non-tippers

Lasted about 2 weeks and I saw my ratings plummet. Riders take, on average, 2 Ubers in a day. Most observant ones will know which of the two rated them poorly. They can see their ratings before they have to give you yours.

Besides, getting a low rating from a driver isn’t going to tell them that they got it for not tipping. Rating them 1 isn’t going to solve the no tipping issues, all it’ll do is adversely affect your ratings overall and severely askew the pax ratings for other drivers.

When I see a pax rating, I want to know if they were truly a bad pax. Did they slam your doors? Did they puke in your car? Did they treat you poorly? Those are the pax I don’t want to pickup. If they were pleasant but their only fault is they didn’t tip, I’ll still take them as a pax. Half of them are just blissfully ignorant, swallowing Uber’s “No Tip Needed” propaganda, so it’s not entirely their fault.

Riders can’t even see their ratings… i dont even know where you getting your facts from! If you have a riders acct with Uber, please screenshot your rider rating & post it! You’ll spend all day looking for it, coz you won’t find it. If you cant find it, how can you know which driver rated you poorly??

Dude, really? You are the one who should get your facts straight before yelling at someone else. Any PAX can get their rating, and good number of them pay attention to it.

I don’t carry cash, and with my Uber trips being business expenses that are reimbursed, I need receipts. None of my drivers had Square readers, if they did, I would have tipped. I feel terrible about it, which is why I now only take Lyft when I travel so i can tip in app and get reimbursed for the tip.

Why one star a rider because of Ubers policy? From day one, they initially said No Tipping, then a lawsuit forced them to allow the drivers to accept them. While it sucks, Uber shoves it down their throat they dont need to tip, so naturally most of them dont.

Dont take out your anger on a passenger who is just using the app for an easy and more convenient ride than a taxi. And as stated above, they can see you one star them so when you get a one star rating in return, dont be wondering why your ratings are dropping.

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If you want to 4 star a pax for no tip thats fine but they dont deserve one star. I one star Pax I truly want to never have again. If you one star every non tipper I bet you eventually wont get any pings at all. Imagine a situation where its surging 2x they request a ride and you cant get the ping bc you one starred them.

You dont need to email support. You open the app go to help and whats my rating. You insisted there is no way to look up your rating and were proven wrong, stop backpedaling.

It took 10 seconds to do. It wasn’t a submit and wait for a response. It was a submit and instant results. Your just salty because 3 people proved you wrong and this message I am replying to proves it with all the insults.

Sorry, You guys were RIGHT… I stand corrected on being able to check your passenger rating from within the App! But i still dont think 99% of passengers will check that before they rate you… they couldnt be bothered!

I’ve given over 1,000 rides. It’s going to take more than a couple millenials being OCD about their ratings to make a difference. I’m a “millenial” and don’t care about my rating. Yes one stars from experienced drivers makes a difference.

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Someone that doesn’t tip shouldn’t get the same 1-star rating as the guy that decides to slap his wife in the back seat of your car. 4-stars will suffice to let other drivers know what’s going on, and whether or not it’s worth it to give the Pax a ride.

It must be the holiday spirit but I’ve gotten two $20 tips in the last few days from uber pax. They both asked me if I had change I said I had none. I used to keep change for tips but I’m thinking that no change for tips might be better.

My advice is to not give out 1 stars because you think you deserve a tip every trip, the costumer is already paying. Be grateful for the ones u get. I know i don’t tip pizza delivery drivers every time or restaurants or ubers when I am too low on cash.

Because Uber claims that if you give a person 1-star they will not pair you up again. Giving all non-tipping passengers a 1 star rating removes them from your pool of possible riders and thus increases the chance you will get a tipping customer.

I’ve had tips for rides come in hours later and even the following day. As soon as you drop the rider you need to write them to get the rating screen to go away. At that point there’s no way to know whether or not you got tipped through the app.

I bought one of those signs that has a lot of useful information as well as saying tips always appreciated and I don’t think it is has brought me any more tips. I think the people who tip tip and the people who don’t tip don’t tip. I keep my vehicle super clean and ask every passenger if they would like the temperature up or down and also if they would prefer different music or no music Etc. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that my ride was the best Uber ride they ever have and then proceeded to not tip. I have driven some extremely wealthy and powerful people that didn’t tip. Surprisingly it seems like the most consistent tippers are the Latino men who probably are working in landscaping or food service.

It seems like the best way to consistently get tips is just to provide the best service you can.

Perhaps it was more your attitude more than a customer caring about their rating. Customers do not have to tip if they do not want to and it should not reflect their rating. Imagine the extra expense if you were required to use Uber for a month everyday and were expected to tip on every ride. Many people are very intuitive including your customers. Start focusing more on world class customer service on every ride instead of tips and both your ratings and your tips will increase.

You can also tip on the Uber app as well