I decided to give uber a try

In February of this year, I was one of eight hundred people who were laid off by the Transamerica Corp.
I worked as Participant Service Representative and I specialized in 401k’s. At sixty two years of age, my prospects of finding a decent paying job in my field were pretty bleak. I sold my Audi TT (goodbye baby) and purchased a Honda Fit.
Suddenly, my life got better…much better.
My riders, for the most part, are friendly, nice people. Gone are the angry investors and high pressure work environment. I don’t have to be a genius any more. I work when, where and how I choose. All of the feedback from uber has been encouraging and positive. I enjoy the job.
Sure, like everybody else who drives, my patience gets tested from time to time. That’s inevitable when you do business with the general public. If the company or the riders ever become a hurdle on the path to contentment, I’ll find something else to do (I’m very good at drilling bowling balls).
I understand that not everybody shares my outlook. I like uber a lot in spite of their flaws.
I understand if you don’t. Lots of people don’t like their gig but keep going to work every day and that’s very commendable.
If I comment on your posts, those comments are based on over forty years of customer service experience. I am in no way trying to bully you. I’m really trying to help because, in the end, we have three choices. Adapt and improve. Continue to be miserable every day. Quit and find another line of work.
I hope you all have a peaceful and profitable weekend (and beyond). Sorry about the rant.

Welcome to corporate America. I have been in your shoes. Love the positive attitude.

That was a rant? Not in my book! That was reality…and that’s how i feel too, and very close to my own situation. I drive for Uber and Lyft up here in the northeast where some of my riders are either picked up or dropped off way out in the country. I only drive days and have had some beautiful drives on scenic roads alongside rivers, have discovered parts of local areas i never knew existed, and met lots and lots of nice and interesting people. I learn something new every day i drive and i love it. Yes, my patience has been tested, but rarely does it linger because the next rider is fun or interesting.

Very true statement. You either lead… follow… or get out the way. Great post Steve. Glad to have ya as a member of the group.

I had to depend on renters to make my payments. I was always ending up with paying more for damages than I could collect in rents and deposits. Court battles are costly and no guarantee for collecting judgments, Uber rescued me from making a house payment on a vacant rental and helped pay the repairs so I can sell it. Getting out of this tenant/landlord thing has been a blessing. I love meeting new people. I love the money. I love the flexibility. I don’t care about the Uber corporate politics or drama. As long as I can make some money and enjoy the people I meet it’s all good. Sure there are a few rotten apples but you get that anywhere and I feel free to stop any time. Thanks for the “rant”

I sympathize with you, being in the Real Estate feel was great made me lots of money until the Market crashed in 2007 since then it was just down the drill for me until stress got the best part of my health and was forced to stop working until I literally became homeless. Lost my sons custody and uber and lyft is helping me regain hope that one day I can get a place I can again call home and be able to get my boy back! Sometimes my patience gets tested, no so much with pax. I can handle pax. Is the big corporations world that gets to me. I just take a dip breath and thank the LORD, for then. Great post and thank you for your uplifting words!:kissing_heart:

I quit an insane job and love driving for Uber and Lyft as well. There have been bumps along the way but the freedom and simplicity of moving people from place to place far outweighs the negatives for me.

I like doing Uber & Lyft, I am retired and money is tight, I was sitting in my chair and watching TV, then I found out about this… now I work when I want, earn extra money, I help watch my Grandkids & meet great people. So I will keep driving as long as I can…

By the way if i just saw you walking down the street and yelled that out you might be right. However you came onto an open forum and made a blanket accusation against uber drivers. So its all fair game.

Why are everyone of these uber groups full of this high school drama bullshit? To think these people are acting “friendly” to their customers is astonishing to me.