I continue to treat my riders with fairness, respect, and honesty regardless of what Uber does

I do what I do to the best of my ability because that what you do when you take a job. I place blame where blame belongs and don’t take out any displeasure I have with Uber on my riders. I understand that there were things agreed to and things not agreed to in our contract, and my word is my vow, so even if I don’t like certain things, I accept them if they don’t violatethose terms that I’ve agreed to. I behave ethically and with dedication to the task at hand.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing complaints from riders about the waste of time that results from dick drivers calling after accepting a trip and then cancelling because they don’t like the destination. Any driver who pulls that crap without a damn good reason ought to be fired.

It’s 50/50 odds. Short pickup pings can very well happen to be your most profitable ride as well. But if you’re not too good at math and calculating the probability, feel free to accept all long pick up pings and cancel short pickup pings.

Doesn’t mean there’s no situational strategy, but it’s more along the line of cancelling exactly at 5 minutes wait for the mall pickup, but maybe waiting a couple more minutes or making the phone call for the hotel pickup who’s running late.

I generally have had no issue with Uber. I have not found them to be dishonest with me. We have a contract, it’s all spelled out what each side is expected to do and not expected to do. Issues like this time out thing only affects drivers who, frankly, I agree are behaving badly and in opposition to the business interest that allows me to earn money. I honestly support it.

Wait till the driver becomes bored and fatigued while trying to wait around that long for the next run…accidents waiting to happen. More deaths brought to you by Uber Corporate

I like your positive attitude. For me though it’s not worth it. Uber’s contract doesn’t mention anything about how many pings you get to accept or ignore so Uber is essentially breaking the contract by putting drivers in timeouts.

No. Rather comically, Uber has claimed that we drivers are in fact its customers. Apparently, Uber sees us as its customers because we “purchase” the use of their rideshare app and technology. We pay them the ride fee; they are the vendor and we the customers.

Not entirely true. Our contract says we can negotiate a LOWER fare. Not any fare. It also, if I’m not mistaken says that they can deny access to the platform without notice for any reason. So, timeouts are totally within the scope of the agreement.

One of the biggest mistakes Uber has made is not differentiating between drivers who’ve been doing it for years. vs. those who have been doing it for weeks. A huge, missed opportunity to reward that time of service with, say, more leeway when it comes to rejecting rides (and other perks).

I agree they have right to deny access to the app. For the rate though it’s still suggested. They say you can negotiate a lower fare but still don’t say you can’t negotiate a higher fare. And they still say the rate that they put out is suggested.

Uber just paid out $28 million for lying to pax. They are being sued all over the planet for dishonest practices. Calling us contractors is at the top of the list. On individual lawsuits they have already lost on that front.

You are one of those people who will say “They were stupid and should have known better.” Well guess what: a little less than 50% of people are below average intelligence. Does that mean they should be taken advantage of by those who presumably are smarter, and know they are selling snake oil?

Mindless?? haha! the painful irony. Keep patting yourself on the back doing those pick ups 20 minutes away to potentially make a base fare. 2 bucks an hour, BAM!

When I worked for the government we occasionally went through exercises in which we identified our customers. Apparently that was a tool to help us become more proficient in our jobs.

I’ve never accepted a ping 20 minutes away. But today I accepted a ping 13 minutes away. I had sat idle for nearly 20 minutes before I got that request. If I’d turned it down, how much longer would I have had to sit waiting? Another five minutes? Ten? Twenty. You’re familiar with the idea of opportunity cost, yes?

Uber also said drivers could make $90K per year. Are you still upset about that? Since I’m not an Uber shill or cheerleader, I don’t have to justify Uber’s questionable claims. I’m not hung up on them as some of you seem to be because they’re irrelevant to me and my earnings.

You are not an employee, so Uber won’t make you special.

So why are you even commenting on something you have nothing to do with and something you clearly know nothing about?

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As you should…at the end of the day it’s still your own business and property. Uber just serves as the middleman between you and the passenger. So it’s important to keep your ratings high…poor ratings will get you deactivated.