I care about mine. Don't care about theirs

ok let’s be real honest here;
how much do you truly care about your rating and about your passenger rating?
very much? very little? somewhat?

i feel like NEW drivers completely freak out about those, while veterans drivers could not care less.

so what’s your opinion?

Don’t care what mine is because it’s always above a 4.8

I don’t pick anyone up below a 4.6

Unless the surge is higher than their rating

I don’t pick up people below a 4.6 unless the surge is high enough for me to tolerate them being a potential difficult passenger.

I’ve been driving for over three years btw and mutual respect and being a decent human being overrides a fare (most of the time)

I noticed my rider rating tonight when I took a trip Downtown. It’s a 4.88 which is odd to me because I always tip and I’m a pretty good passenger or so I think, haha

I’m sorry but if my passengers smell or are overly intoxicated I’m giving them a bad rating. A week ago I had a pax ask me where she could find some refer. Had to stop the car.

Stop the car over weed??? Sir please remove the corncob lodged sideways…it’s clouding your vision.

In Oregon weed is legal so that wouldn’t be an odd question. Especially from someone visiting the state.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had from the east coast and Alaska asking where’s the nearest weed shop and what is the exact laws regarding it.

My rating eh not so much. Their rating; it lets me know to be on guard but that’s about it. I’ve picked up a 3.8 rider rating and she was the sweetest lady in the world. I’ve also had some of the biggest pricks in the world have a 4.9 and higher.

I don’t care, for crying out loud it’s a car ride, point a to point b…they pay for it I drive them, they give me any crap out they go but luckily where I am I have had no issues with anyone

At first I cared, I am coming to the realization that it really means very little. With the system as it is and no requirement for actual feedback I will never know why someone chooses to rate me a certain way.

My rating, I care because I want to know that I’m offering a good service. Plus I don’t wanna get deactivated yah know. Theirs, I don’t care. I’ve never paid any attention. I haven’t gotten anyone that I’ve wanted to kick out yet

Some people are jerks and will rate low no matter how perfect you do it, just for a free ride.

I don’t care because this is temporary, as far as pax it depends but I try to steer clear of ppl with low ratings

Considering I have an acceptance rating of 96% and a cancellation of 0%, I don’t care about the pax rating I just wanna get paid. But my star rating is 4.96. So I don’t really care.

I don’t get bothered by a paxs low rating. Sometimes I try doing something different and if there’s a significant drop in rating then I’ll avoid that particular change.

I never pay attention to a pax rating. I’m kinda OCD about numbers and metrics, but only for my own internal satisfaction. I fully recognize that our rating has zero to do with how much we get paid unless it drops to termination level, which is pretty low.

My rating is important, but I don’t give a damn about the pax rating. I’ve picked up ppl with a 4.5-4.6 and they were awesome.

It’s not that I don’t care, I just keep a clean respectful van and be me. Whatever they rate me they rate me. Usually hangin around in the 4.9s , I’ll take it. Life…