I can't stand for the life of me when these women order uber rides but its not for them

Its for their boyfriends…u mean to tell me he ain’t even have a bank acct to order his own ride? So last night I thought I was picking up “Meeka” but “Quan” came to my vehicle instead. So I cancel that shit… Ion have time.

It’s perfectly fine for someone to order an uber for someone else. The passenger app even let’s them put in the riders name.

This happens regularly. They now have it where they can put passengers name in under a different account but Uber is shitty at telling pax. When you hit location you want to go to, at the top it says for me. You can change that and put in who is riding

Heck when I use mine if it detects my gps is far away from the pin, it’ll ask “is this for you or someone else?”

I have it happen all the time. Wives for husband, husbands for wife. Bosses for employees(happens a lot when it snows.) Booty calls. Daughter for mom at airport because mom was delayed 4 hours. You name it I’ve probably have had it.

Exactly as long as they can tell me who name is on the account & where they going I will take them

I’ve order a ride for my fiance before (it’s the same bank acct anyways). I just texted the driver as soon as the ride was accepted and let the driver know who they were actually picking up.

3* max for switch a Roos. If a driver did that, do you think the pax wouldn’t be all wtf?

Not that I’m aware of, but if you don’t tell you’re driver that’s expecting an Ashley that an Andrew will be there instead; a driver COULD decline due to safety reasons. I’ve done that before.

I do it for my husband. Sometimes people’s phone die or could be too impaired to actually call for uber.

Safety issue!!! Hypothetical situation… let’s say Quan and javonne had an altercation in the past and she was unpaired from him so she wouldn’t have to see him again… then this chick Meeka orders a ride for Quan and when he gets in the car he remembers her and is pissed about the previous altercation and hurts her.

I HATE that shit. I want to know the name and the face of the person in picking up before I get there. They know my real name and face… it’s only fare.

Hon… i worry about this all the time. I’ve had pax actually damage my car out of anger 2 times, yell and curse at me, send me threatening text messages and leave me nasty voicemails… all of them were PARENTS who dont have car seats for their children out of all people. I cancel AT LEAST 10 a week due to this. Im.making a long shit list of people who probably hate me and I do NOT want to run into them again. I get anxiety about it. And what if someone orders a ride and they don’t have their kid with them that time and I let them in my car but it’s someone I cancelled on before and they try some slick shit once they’re in the car with me… it’s a damn shame it’s something I have to worry about but I feel you girl. You do not have to take any ride you don’t want to take. Go with your instinct and trust your gut. It’s not worth the $5. You’ll get another ride coming up around the corner.

I’ve started typing this in whenever I know the person taking the ride isn’t the account holder just to flag them… I don’t know if it makes a difference to the platform but at least if something comes up later… like they try to say I picked up the wrong person they all ready know the account holder wasn’t the one taking the ride… I type NAH…