I believe in karma

One of the long trips I had was one where the pin was misplaced by about five blocks. The couple could barely speak English. I think most drivers here would have canceled for the misplaced pin alone. I decided to give them a chance still but I was very close to canceling because it was a huge effort to find out where they really were (at first they even claimed to be where I was, which was obviously false, then they claimed to be in another city which was also false but it was the language problem). Ended up being a nice $70 ride with a modest $5 cash tip, 5* rating, and positive 5* comments.

I try to avoid canceling on people, I agree with this sentiment to an extent. While I hate X rates, I’ve seen good results of being in the right place in the right time for a sweet Select run.

Had one last night too. I wouldn’t have gotten it if the previous X rider didn’t bring me to his area. Nice trip on Select with 1.2 Guaranteed boost 25 mi north. Easy $55 for 30 min drive and placed me a short skip from my typical late night pickup zone for Surges to end the night.

If your going to be miserable and take out your frustration on your riders trying to guilt people into tips or manipulate them to the point where it’s obvious you really need to try something else. Once I decided I was going to drive I treat people the way I want to be treated and it pays off.

You never know who u will be driving and what contact or relationship be built that will be a huge financial gain in the future. I have been very successful with uber because of the contacts I have made and while the income just from driving uber riders is minimum the contacts and opportunities that have been presented to me has been unbeleivable.

They should really pay for those stock photos. Photographers work hard and stealing them is no different than someone trying to scam a free Uber ride.

I agree, Ken and that is exactly how I address this.
And it’s more fun to not be nitpicking and overly analytical.

I didn’t expect to get so many negative comments, other drivers and the moderator assuming I must be a shrill or selling something because I believe in treating the passengers with respect. Maybe that’s why all of my passengers are good people in my car. You get what you expect.

OMG. You really are new. Sibe does this volunteer. Like, for free. As for suggestions. Be realistic and be aware that there are some passengers are beyond your help.

Well, on the other hand, do you really feel like your maximizing your profits when you get a ping 15-20 minutes away, drive to the riders location, pick up rider and drive them 5 minutes away which turns out to be about $5.

I would rather sit and wait for a closers trip. However, If I receive the same 15-20 minute ping, I will call them and make sure their destination is equal to or greater than the time is took for me to pick them up. It might happen once or twice a day.

I’m not sure that’s true, but I agree it seems like it from the driver perspective sometimes. Their focus is on getting more people into fewer cars, that’s why they’re so addicted to Pool even though drivers hate it. If the company didn’t threaten to deactivate drivers for not accepting pool requests, the service would be dead in a week.

They’re not letting market forces shape the service, they’re trying to force the market into that service model. Once Uber stopped being just a middleman, it’s been all downhill.

As far as Acceptance. I do believe that the best way to do my job is to accept all. It is better karma and I believe it will lead to more money in the end. Just my thoughts.

Every time I read in the news how an Uber driver is getting sued for a wrongful death, or how an Uber driver is having his claimed denied by his insurance company after a hit and run or just today how an Uber driver came within inches of his life after a bullet grazed his ball cap.