I am your Private Driver..I'm not your personal courier

Uber says you are an independent contractor. Here’s how to do it. You arrive. Passenger tells you they aren’t going. Passenger tells you package is going.
You cancel the Uber ride because passenger is not there because Uber says they will not pay you if passenger is not in the car. You negotiate a price to drive the package to the destination. You get paid cash. You don’t need to worry about the insurance so you don’t need the app on. Collect your cash and drive.

FYI she also wanted me to get out of my car and knock on the door to pick up the package. It just sounded suspicious to me. I didn’t do it, for all I know I’m carrying around her blood samples and she could be infected with an incurable disease, etc.

Its okay to do packages. Ive only done one in 1 year. But my rule is as long as you can see what it is you’re transporting (no enclosed boxes or briefcases), you should be fine. My package was a box of crabs that i picked up from teh crab shop, so no worries

Uber Package Well depending on distance I’d do it, just not for less than $30. I like packages they keep quiet and I can drive however I want.

oh but if it involves you parking your car, getting out and actually DELIVERING it, thats a no no. There needs to be someone waiting on the other end to just drop off. Like min, dude just came out to collect his crabs.

I’d imagine I would have to find parking, pay for the parking when I left, find out where in the hospital I’d have to deliver it, etc etc. That’s a major time killer and again… the whole thing is suspicious.

I do deliver packages providing that I can determine there isn’t any monkey business going on. However, when someone says they have the “wrong address”, my red flags go up because this is how drug deals are done.

doubt it, if it was going to a legit hospital now if it was to an abandoned house and told to leave it on the porch…

I’m not UPS. I drive people, not packages. If people want to bring a package with them, fine, but I’m not taking a package with no passenger, since I’m not sure if Uber allows that and it seems odd.

I ran an automotive part from Upland, CA to San Diego, CA. The pax paid for the trip, and I only had to meet people in parking lots for the pick up and delivery. But to get out of my car and actually deliver something…I don’t think I’m going to do that. There would need to be a tip in there.

But practically this is done in the cab industry and can be done in the Uber industry because it benefits the people that need car parts, need their electric or water bill paid (because it had been cut off) or need something (legal) picked up and brought to them.

That is why you make sure the package is legal. It is not unreasonable to ask the sender to open the package if it is sealed. It is not unreasonable to ask the sender to leave the package unsealed so that you can inspect it. Just explain you can’t take anything illegal.

Of course … I still would have checked the contents of the box … you wouldn’t want to be the first Uber to deliver a “pipe” that goes boom

I was once asked to take a set of car keys to a hotel where someone would be waiting outside. I would rather deliver keys than people any day.