I am very close to buying my first firearm and want your feedback

For the foreseeable future, I will only be able to afford one handgun. Although a small-frame handgun will be more wearable, comfortable, and convenient for CCW, a big part of me wants a medium-frame for sake of a more capable platform, shooting sports, and pure pseudophallic satisfaction (because Daddy can’t protect me when he’s not around).

So Uber allow you to pack heat in VA? I know they have taken a few off the road in other states even when they had right to carry. Not the right look. But then hey. Does anyone think Uber cares about the rights of others LOL.

With all due respect to Australia (quite a fine place), they have ramped up their “gun control” laws and it is probably quite difficult to obtain a firearm for defensive purposes - let alone being able to carry it.

“Hell, three of the safest states (unless you are a criminal) have “constitutional carry” (Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming)” hahahaha go ahead live your fantasies I have better things to do then to prove your a nutcase.

i was packing on my trip. my daily carry is a small frame revolver. vehicle carry i wouldn’t have it physically on me as it would take too long to draw in the event of an emergency. i would have it in the driver’s side door if i were you.

I bought my first handgun in January… a bit impulsively. All of my research lead me to the Glock 19 as the ideal carry weapon (compact size, cost, caliber, “does it all”). I found one at a local gun show, but I slept on my decision to buy.

I have a friend who lives in Phila and works at a gun shop in Wilmington- he has a PA LTCF but no permit for Delaware. His policy is to carry outside-the-waistband and take off his cover garment when he enters his vehicle in PA or crosses state lines.

I understand it is a generational thing, but all you newbie gun owners ,Call of Action dudes. you do know when you shoot somebody there is no extra health, or whatever freekin cheat codes you have to keep going.

I would never tell a woman what she should not do what she needs to do, to feel safe. But I would say a male who feels a need to “open carry” is likely packing a short load.

I feel a lot safer with our gun laws drawing a line between trained enforcement and protection agencies carrying weapons and any old Joe with some inadequacy being allowed to carry a killing machine.

Yeah criminals carry weapons here, and they risk hefty fines and imprisonment when caught. We DON’T exist in the manufactured fear that the gun lobby delights in. Be it a crazy mistrust of Government or some inevitable gun fight that you need to engage in.

Bad idea no matter how you slice it. On the other hand, if you’re driving for UberDrugMule it may not be a bad idea.

Funny, with all the guns and with as many major cities as Texas has, not one of their cities made it into the top 10 list of most dangerous cities. Which cities are on the list? Major cities in states that are traditionally democratically controlled or at least cities that haven’t had a republican mayor in decades.