I am on disability - and I drive

SSDI allows up to $1070 income per month. By their own rules, income below that is NOT substantial employment. Uber is a good suppliment for those of us on disability, but we have to limit our income. I drive for $300 a week for three weeks, then take a week off every month.

One of my parents gets disability from the V.A. but also worked until retirement. The disability was based on a percent of lost earning potential or something like that… I would think it’s the same, no?

It’s not the 1 star that I was afraid of. It’s accusing him if something and then it’s 3 against one and I get banned from the platform. Anyway, I’ve identified the account on the app but I don’t even know if it was his account or one of the others. My wife is upset about this so I’m thinking I will just fill a serious incident through uber.

Dude you need to be firm in telling people that you feel uncomfortable about a situation or this job isn’t for you man. Your dealing with strangers here so how could you fear risk of being banned when strangers are doing sexual things to you?

Just because you are a male does not make it any less wrong. If you truly feel violated, contact Uber and contact the police. There may or may not be enough evidence to press charges but it will be a matter of record. This guy will think before doing it again.

Take it easy everybody. OP it’s ok, I believe in the industry this is a called “gay for pay” so your wife has nothing to be worried about. Uber on and continue providing such excellent customer service.

It depends on if you’re receiving social security disability (ssdi) or disability benefits (insurance company) through your employer. Ether one will find it fraudulent if you’re working and not reporting your earnings.

Sddi has a threshold you’re allowed to earn and still be eligible but they require you to be totally disable from any work to be eligible for benefits. There’s a lot that goes into what it means to be disabled though.

Now, as to your situation, I feel bad for you, but not sorry for you. There is a strong difference. Bad for you that it happened and someone initiated that, but not sorry for you because you should have taken a stand and told that drunk SOB “Hands off”.

Here is a scenario for you. You are in a bar, with or without your wife, and I, as a gay man, come up to you and make a similar move. Are you telling me that you would not deck me? Seriously man, you let that guy walk all over you and now you want to file a police report because you got an erection.

Yeah, I did not even consider that. Wow, let me go around and feel up an Uber driver and see what will happen to me. Missing a few teeth will be the worse of my worries.

When a rider touches you without asking, even if it is a silly poke or something you need to immediately pull over and explain to the rider that they cannot do that and that if they do it again the trip will be canceled and they will be reported to Uber and possibly the police. You have to maintain control and keep things professional.

Yes it should of been reported ASAP. Second point is I wouldn’t work that time period If avoidable I am not sure I would of kept my cool or not It may of been my last night depending on the move but the guy would of been out of the vehicle within 5 seconds of trying it.

Some of you guys need to stop driving for uber and make a career as a comedian. This is the whole reason why i didn’t want to post this. I knew it would be more abuse and harassment rather than useful advice

It doesn’t sound like the pax is going around assaulting people, just a drunk gay pax who felt up his driver, who didn’t put a stop to it. That doesn’t justify the passenger’s behavior, but what’s done is done and if you’re driving Uber part time for money this will be a huge time waster for you.

Report the drive as being inappropriate, request not to be matched again. Move on and take it as a learning experience to be more assertive (sternly telling them to knock if off, or ending the trip) and not care about the occasional 1 star rating.

Well I finally got a reply back from Uber and they said that they will make a note on his account and they commended me for remaining professional and also being a good partner in my area. I’m not happy with the response but at least I can say I told someone.