I am beyond pissed off

I am beyond pissed. It’s too early for the BS. I start work this morning at 6. Picked up my first passenger its a pool. Shortly after another ride is added on. It’s it’s from the hood spot Dejavu on Campbellton Road. My first mind told me to cancel them on the expressway I noticed that my back light was on too long. So I look back there. This heifer is rolling a blunt right next to the other Uber passenger because her friend was in the front seat. I said so you just go disrespect me and this lady like that. She said my bad im not go smoke it. Then the heifer go ask the lady can she finish rolling it. It took everything I had not to pull over on the side of the expressway and put both of their ratchet asses out. Got in smelling like a pound.
I said at least of your going to be disrespectful you should at least ordered UberX. Of course my rating when down. I owed you a 1star. Why tf did I get one. Waiting on uber reply. If we can get deactivated they ass need too. Sick of these stupid Ass Pax.

Should have pulled over and put her out. Plan and simple.
she disrespect your car, she must get out or put her out. DASSIT! No questions ask , nothing to explain…Gtfoh

Wtf is wrong with people. I have nothing against people who smoke, but its like you know this is still illegal right? You know this is someones personal car right? You know there are other people in here as well right? The audacity of these mfs.

I dont care if you smoke and if its a hood club you’re going to smell like weed. But yall leaving club at 6am rollin a blunt next to reglious looking lady on here way to make a decent living. That lady rolled down her window soon as they got to next light. So young and stupid.

Its actually not illegal anymore as far as criminality, but common sense should tell them that smoking weed is not everybodies normal…respect me and my car

I feel that some of these pax is making “The Uber” experience ratchet as hell. Uber, the company , does not back us as we take a stand. Once the customer lie and complain on us for not letting them having their way…we get Deactivated. I see why some people have quit rideshare and moved on to other profitable ventures. This “fuckery” is getting outrageous!!

I felt sorry for the religious looking woman on her way too work. If I wouldn’t look back there she would’ve said nothing. Probably scared too. Im use too hood folks cuz im from the hood. Like girl im not your damn friend do that when you get in the house

Well it’s another pool story gone wrong. Did you really expect it to go right . Omg. I’m so sorry for you. I have no idea how I would have handled that. That is some B.S. these pax are so disrespectful.

That’s why a dashcam is your friend. They would’ve UNASSED my vehicle and the footage would be sent to Uber immediately.

Save the rating cancel and don’t end. I wish you had pulled over and put them out. Let her feel what you feel while on your way… Keep calm and just forget what happen…

I agree with getting a fashion so it won’t be your word against theirs. No your car reeks of weed and you may get another low rating because of that passenger’s behavior. I think you did the right by contacting Uber immediately

I would’ve put her ass smooth out!!! I get that you never know what someone has on them, but when you blantly let it be known that you have dope in my car?? Yea…get out… f a rating

I do understand why you would be upset but from a passenger pov… A good amount of uber profit comes from riders who want to get fkd up n dont want a dui… So you find you’re faced with the passengers who pregame or prepare otw to their destination. Not saying its right but its part of the rideshare business.

It’s the platforms that’s making it ratchet. And they steady watering it down. That’s Why I have No desire to fool with discounted rides, PERIOD! Just a Headache and Bad Experience…

I hate shit like that I’ve experienced it before & I definitely said to the guy I will not alloy that in my car and you should have enough respect to know not to roll a blunt in my car like that. He got mad as hell at me & Guess what he did? Contact lyft & made up this big lie that I was drinking and driving and had controlled substance in my car :rage::rage: I could not believe he did that BUT AFTER 3 days of investigation I was driving again…

That’s when you pull over and say there are plenty of police that also moonlight as rideshare drivers, give a wink :wink: and then take a pic. Tell them to exit your vehicle now in their own interest.