I am always prepared to explain the tipping situation

As positively as possible of course as you don’t want to come off as complaining – ONLY if they bring up the topic.

Sample situation:

pax says: “I bet you make A LOT of $$”
me: I reply w/ a smile saying “that USED to be the case but these days its the tips that help”
pax: “I thought tips were included automically”

then I go on explain from there by using that statement as a “segue” (means smooth transition)

That’s how you do it. Just NEVER bring it up.

Who remembers what TIPS stands for? It is “TO INSURE PROPER SERVICE”. Historically “Tips” were given when you arrived at a restaurant, when you arrive at a hotel, when you entered a bar. Most found that they were getting the same service, tipping or not, so things changed up a bit. People were only tipping at the end of an exceptional service.

I’m not going to punish the riders for what Uber markets. I am doing a disservice to OTHER DRIVERS when I read here that people won’t pick up passengers with a x.x rating, when that passenger was cool guy/gal. Does it suck that most students and business people don’t tip? Yes. Do I go out of my way to accommodate passengers (i.e. multiple stops, wait at a convenience store, go through a fast food drive through) Yes I do. Do I get tips - yes I do, not often on Uber but I do. Do I get business cards from passengers? - you bet, and I get other opportunities outside of what ride sharing is. I think Lyft does a better job, with giving an avenue to tip via the application interface.

Stiffing your driver is impermissible. I do not give two red ****s what Uber told them or what their excuse is. Passengers lie. Habitual non-tippers should find themselves in ratings trouble, not sure what else can be done.

Most people who say negative thing about tipping tend to be at their 40s. Is that because of the generation gap? I always tip people who serve me and it is easy to figure it out whether tip is include or not. Just Google the answer. don’t tell me those people with iPhone don’t know how to search. If they think they have a good official excuse to get away with tipping, that reflect something.

Actually we don’t need tip. Just raise the fare 2X everything should be ok.
We own the car , we work, we pay the gas maintenance , depreciation , it’s so humiliating to beg for the tip. I don’t need tip. I need a better fare no tip requres

Uber look down to te driver cause we never united. What happened if one person could said or tweets to travisk look in 2 hours all driver in x area will be off for 10 mnts. And all the driver followed off 10 mnts. He will do anything to fix that

Uber for you, might be a side job to meet a lot of nice people(there are) in your free time. I bet money to you is not a bit deal because you might own a lot already.

They lower the fare because they want more customers and kill Lyft and Sidecar. When they will raise the fare? It’s either the day after we do something great( some idiot call it stupid), or the day Lyft and others fall.

Why should I care about tipping if there’s hidden tip included?!The 30% was actually what Uber told the world about. However, why Uber subtract it from the equation but not telling the riders that the hidden tip is gone, tipping is encouraged and it will make it a better ride next time… what a selfish business. I understand most business are like that. However, there’s a limit in exploring people who has not much choose.

Get over it, the world owes you nothing. I also don’t have to stick my head in a smart phone to know when a tip is required. Fact is society is starting to get way out of control on what a tip is and when you should get one. What you are saying is it should be a tax to help offset your costs. Not optional for doing good service. Remember Tip is optional from a customer experience. What you think you give and what the client thinks you give are not always in alignment. And it does not help when Uber says this is a cashless system and no need to pull out your wallet.

Your beef is with Uber, not the customer and not your fellow drivers playing by the same rules while you screw with the ratings and mess it up to help us field qualified good customers.

43 years old, it matches my hypothesis… You should consider working for Uber just for the sack of helping people with 90% commision rate. Remember that, the world doesn’t owe you a thing. So, stick on working and not to beg for tip or raise in fare.

The problem isn’t’ that Uber wants to go in a “no tipping” direction, it’s that they deliberately mislead customers into believing that a tip is included. I think if customers knew more broadly what the financial picture for drivers looked like, a MUCH higher percentage would tip.