I always tip on the quality of the ride

Not whether somebody took 5 seconds to get out of their car and put my bag down, a task I’m willing to perform for myself. Seriously, I’m supposed to hand somebody five bucks because they spent 4 seconds lifting a bag down? This is why I hate the whole tipping mentality. How much is that per hour?

I would much rather pay a red cap to do all the heavy lifting and take me directly to my check in location.

Don’t forget, I’m a driver too. I have earned the right to call you guys out.

When somebody flings their door open too hard or slams their bag hard against an open door pushing it open even further. That makes complete sense. It makes no sense that any damage is done when a door is slammed.

I do agree that there are delicate, sensitive drivers for whom hearing the percussion of a door slamming gives them the vapors , and appropriate consideration should be given to drivers Who think that way. but as a rider I want to make sure that door shuts on the first time. That’s all I care about. Because if the driver really cares so much, they would get out of the car and open the door themselves The onus is on the driver here, not the pax.

It’s saying that newer car doors themselves are so flimsy that the door panel distortion is higher every time a door is slammed and cannot take the same load as cars from earlier eras, and it is a design flaw in the new car that needs to be addressed. So because there is a bunch of crappy new cars on the market, and you bought one, I have to stop slamming my door the same way I’ve done my entire life?

If you were a good Uber driver, you would be jumping out of the car and opening it for your precious passenger. If you did this you could shut the door as gently as you wish. You could also offer your passenger a breath mint as they got out.

These are the types of extras that our passengers expect from their slaves…Uh, I mean drivers. Also be sure to brush off any lint, dust or other foreign material that may have gotten on their clothes as they exit your car. I have a special little brush that I use for this.

You do know that giant lumps of metal do not have the legal status in court that your wife does, don’t you? You do recognize there’s a difference between an inanimate object that has no brain and the wonderful human being you married, right? You do know and no way shape or form can your marvelous wife be referred to as " your stuff " ? Just checking.

But I don’t think any of that really matters. You seem to be looking for a pointless argument. Perhaps , like me, you had to give up some of your more strenuous activities with your back injury, so this is a replacement for kickboxing ?

Bumpers are designed to take an impact of up to 5 MPH, so I don’t understand why drivers leave a gap between cars when stopped at stop light or stop sign. Just roll gently into the car in front of you. If everyone did this, the cars would take up much less space on the road when stopped.

I used to deliver newspapers. Got in and out 30-40 times per night at stores to take the papers in. Had a GMC Safari (Astrovan) with the sliding side door.

After about 6 years of this the hinge on my drivers door simply broke. Had to have it welded. Then the door handle came off in my hand. Passenger side was fine.

Meanwhile the sliding door which was not opened AS much as in good weather I would leave it open as I drove short distances between stores started becoming hard to open and close.

Then (on an unrelated wear and tear matter) my front control arm broke one day as I was driving down the road. I slid on the side of the wheel at 30 mph. Lucky I wasn’t going faster.

Slamming doors has an affect on your hearing. The loudness of a slammed door above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. That’s the equivalent of the noise generated by a bulldozer moving dirt. A slammed door will have an initial decibal factor much higher than the 85 decibel mark. Therefore slamming doors has a potential to give you some type of permanent hearing loss.

Other than the cost of slamming a door so hard it actually does damage to the door/window that it cant work normally and needs to have parts changed. Which also would conclude to the fact that the door being shut to hard will cause a repair bill. I have seen posts from others were a passenger slams the door so hard that they actually break the window.

So if the door doesn’t close and lock when someone tries to shut it, you should be grateful that all you do is have to get out and close the door instead of adding to the issue of hearing loss and fatigue on the cars parts.

Unless the slam causes immediate damage, the root cause of hinge, lock, door , et al failure cannot be proven, so that’s a pointless challenge.

If someone develops lung cancer, and they are a smoker, we can surmise that smoking was the causative factor, but there is no proof, especially since non-smokers have developed lung cancer as well.

The issue isn’t your pax slamming the door, it’s the emotional attachment to the equipment being used in your business. You’ve made a decision to use your personal property in your business and like it or not, there is wear and tear for assets used in business. You’d have to give a lot of rides with extreme door slams to come close to adding wear the the vehicle.