How you do know your in the hood?

Well, long story short, pax ask me how do I figure out if it’s a bad neighborhood I’m driving to. Don’t want to sound racist so I said if you go to the nearest Walgreens and there’s a code to the bathroom, that means it’s a bad neighborhood

U know ur in the hood, if group of people are standing outside a grocery store for hours for no reason. I have many more since i am live the hood lol.

I realize that those folks that hang out at those stores are there to so called protect those stores from outsiders who want to rob them. I didn’t know that until someone told me that.

If you see checks cashed places then you’re in the hood. Specially if the shopping center is painted in bright different colors

Damn. I been called racist simply because I’m Casper white…then I show them my husband’s pic and they can’t shut the hell up fast enough. #gtfo

I understand that but it does shut down a lot of closed minded people. (Mixed family of many kinds…gotta love family dinners…yummmm)

Used to live in Detroit. Our local Chase bank had special doors that you had to be buzzed into one person at a time…be scanned in the metal detector and then buzzed into the inside where 3 armed officers were. Yeahhhh…

Anywhere detergent soap & razors are locked up behind glass to buy & yes, keys & locks to restrooms so true.

No Starbucks at that…ever notice there’s none in the hood, maybe just across the freeway or in a Target or Randall’s.

Dropped off a pax (it was a long ride), pulled in to the McDonald’s on the corner for a cup of coffee. Never have I seen bars on the windows of a fast food restaurant (seen them on convenient stores). Had to pay and get my coffee through a small opening in the bars.

The only place in Houston that’s scary is by downtown McDonald’s and the bus station. Opinions are like bellybutton. Poor doesn’t mean bad too me. It means they appreciate the ride more.

I waited there at the McDonalds waiting on my nephew coming in via Greyhound.
I struck up a wonderful conversation with one of the locals panhandling. Interesting guy with some really strange stories but not once did I felt uncomfortable waiting there.
Course it was mid afternoon and I’m not sure I’d want to be in that area late at night.
Generally though I found that greeting people with a genuine smile and treat them fairly and honestly, one needn’t worry about where you are.

Hey, been there, done that.
Terrible food and the waitresses wore less clothing than at Hooters but one does meet interesting people. :grin:

Walgreens bathrooms have codes? I’ve never seen that.
My opinion of “bad neighborhood” is probably way different than others. If I drive to an apartment complex and the gates are stuck open and all the units have window ac units and if more than 2 kids are playing outside… I feel like I need to get the heck out a there.