How would you react if you suspect that your passenger is requesting a round trip to go buy/sell some drugs to someone's house?

_you dont care.
_it bothers you but you dont say anything.
_you actually ask him why he request the ride.
_you cancel the trip and you report him.


You’ve been given a contract to pick up a person or persons, transport them safely to where they need to go, and complete the trip. You are not contracted to anything other than that, you are not required to know what your passenger has on his/her person, you are not required to know what business your passenger has to attend to, you are not required to know why he/she requested a stop and then returned to where they were picked up. Keep your damn mouth shut and just drive. If they get busted while in your car, you don’t know shit and you want to call your attorney.

did you not just see the lyft driver who got popped because his pac sold drugs to a cop then they searched the lyft and found the drivers gun…

I’m going to hope the drug deal doesn’t go south and we get shot at lol. I’m also going to hope there are no undercover cops in the area. It’ll be especially hard to prove you weren’t in on the deal lol

What people do in their private lives, is their own business. Why pry? If I sense something is not right, like I’m in danger, I would cancel but am definitely not going to pry into their life!

Till someone comes up and shoots you sitting in your car for bringing that dealer onto their Turf! :point_right::dizzy_face:

If it makes you too uncomfortable, cancel the trip. I wouldn’t report it though, not unless you were amazingly certain. And also pretty sure they wouldn’t take any retribution.

It’s a dicey situation… I don’t wouldn’t want to strand someone either!.. Damned if you Do, Damned if you Dont!
You almost gotta smell it before it happens.

I’m not implying I condone street drugs in any way. In fact I’m completely against their use and sale as I fully believe they are harmful in every way!

But I have a moral obligation to see this Turd gets to kiss his Mommy good night on my watch!
He just made it Fukin difficult is all…
I’ll do the best to save his worthless little life… Cuz I don’t wanna have to tell his Mom I bailed on him in his final hours… but I’ve got Little Ones myself, I gotta draw the line somewhere and can’t and won’t speak for others.

It’s Hard On The Streets!

I’ve been driving Uber for over 2 years now and I’m pretty sure I’ve been on at least 3 drug deals. The problem is there’s no way of knowing where they’re going or what they’re doing so it’s a crapshoot.

If you don’t know for sure, mind your business. If you feel uncomfortable, cancel the ride… It’s just that simple :woman_shrugging:t5:

How’s you know he buy a drugs or whatever ur job driver him from A to B if he respect you and urs car I think it’s Oky

Couldn’t care less. I once drove a woman who said she was going to her boyfriend’s home to kill him.

Well in South Carolina it is a hand one hand All-State meaning if any drugs or paraphernalia are found in the car upon the Police pulling you over even if they are not yours, if the passenger does not claim them and says he doesn’t know whose they are then everyone in the car gets arrested and charged with the same charge. With this being said I don’t want anybody doing any drug deals in my vehicle or anybody carrying any drugs in my vehicle because God forbid I’m pulled over for any reason I’ll be damned if they’re going to throw something under the seat of my car and then deny it’s theirs and I end up in jail. I had two guys use me to do their drug deal but when they got in the car I could smell the weed and at first I thought they just smoked it and I said something about it and the dumbass said… Oh damn I’m sorry I asked him to double bag it so it wouldn’t smell and proceeded to open his backpack and pull out a ziplock bag full of weed. I told him that he had to get out of my car. I ended the trip at the first stop which is where they picked up the weed gave them one star and reported it. I would hate for them to put someone else in that type of position where they get another driver in trouble. Being a single parent after my son buried his father 3 years ago I now make very conscious decisions and choices and put my son first above everything. I don’t have sympathy or care about anyone else’s excuses, I only do what benefits me and my son.

So move. Or stop voting AGAINST your own interests!!! SOUTH CAROLINA has one of the worst state governments with privatized prisons to match. This is WHY voting and KNoWING what you are voting for is very important.

why would I move? Your comment is ridiculous. I don’t need to move I just need to not allow anyone that smells like weed in my vehicle because that’s my choice.

Do you look in people’s target bags when you pick them up at target? No? Ok then. Who the fuck cares. It’s a fare. If you are safe and they are getting where they are going. Ignorance is bliss.