How would you react if you clearly notice that your passenger is carrying a firearm on him/her?

How would you react if you clearly notice that your passenger is carrying a firearm on him/her?
(please note that the person is NOT menacing or even suspicious. just normal.)

and you decide to cancel the ride and move on.

and you inform the person that you don’t feel comfortable with their weapon in your car.

and you really don’t mind. you just pay more attention to him/her during the trip.

thank you.

I could care less. Sure, I could be robbed or shot or even killed. But then that is also the chance you take each and every time you pick up a rider. As a driver, you do not know if that person stole the mobile devise from a legit customer or it is them.

If he’s going to kill me he’s going to kill me. I’m not an anti gun nut. If its concealed and still notice I wouldn’t alarm him about it. Idk what’s in the mans mind.

I picked up an armed guard the other day and he was cool as shit. I didnt even think of it like he could kill me… i looked at him like police.

I let them ride, one time it came in handy! Had a drunk guy Refuse to get out. But that pistol sure motivated him! My pax was in a shirt n tie and had his piece in his ankle.

I honestly wouldn’t care but I would let them know quick that its against policy and next time it needs to be left behind if they plan on using either service in the future. If I’m going to be attacked, shot or mugged/car jacked, it’s gonna happen rather I know it or not. Doesn’t mean I am not carrying protection and or wouldn’t fight back, just saying that at the end of the day if it’s my time to go, its time to go.

I’m not really scared. Especially of dying. I would say, “Let’s go buddy”! I have absolutely no problem with it.

It’s reasons like this I like living in a city that regulates this industry. NYC is the best to counter shit like this.
In other words “I love the NannY State and the very few freedoms we are allowed!”

Option 3. I’m not going to say so am I in a group with snitches in it because I don’t. Because if I did I wouldn’t say so in here. Out of mind, out of sight lol.

Do you think a bad guy cares if the rules say he can’t have a gun in a rideshare? This is the same faulty logic that is used in “Gun Free” zones. Bad guys don’t care. “Gun Free” equals target rich environment to a bad guy. If you see a gun you know the answer to the question, does my pax have a gun. Now if you don’t see a gun, you have no idea if they are armed or not.

Someone carrying a gun doesn’t bother me whatsoever but I also grew up around them, shoot regularly, own them, and had all gun safety drilled into my head from a young age. Plus I’m fairly confident in my disarming abilities even in a vehicle. It would need to be an extremely skilled person to get the jump on me and in my opinion an extremely skilled person with a gun wouldn’t even show any sign of carrying a weapon whatsoever so it’s a toss up. If they are making it obvious or they are too sloppy to conceal the weapon properly I’m wary of them and I keep an eye out for anything suspicious but other than that I’d rather not alarm someone who may have hostile intentions that I am aware of their weapon. I’d take them to their destination and then call the police with a description. It’s also one of the many reason I have a dash came pointing towards the rear. If I have to do something extreme I need to have evidence as back up to prove my intentions were not malicious.

what kind of training prepares you against someone pointing a gun at you from your backseat when you are probably wearing a seatbelt?

ow they remove it. it’s pretty easy to spot a novice upward extending elbows turning of the body looking down and towards there piece you have about 3 seconds to spot and you can blind them in a second with a couple of fingers.

I took a lot of handgun safety classes when I was younger. It was the only way my dad would allow me to own a gun and keep it in the house. We took active shooter classes and disarmament classes until I could disarm even the teachers (who were cops and active military) I’m sure someone could potentially still get me. I’m not saying I’m impervious so some moron with ill intentions. I know when I’ve been caught and will give them almost anything they want. I have a dummy purse at all times with fake/expired cards and small bills to placate any would be criminals.

I’m not comfortable with a gun in my car. Plus I don’t know if the person has a permit to carry. I don’t know if the law requires something of me in this situation. So I’d just tell the rider sorry, but I’m not comfortable and we’ll get him another driver ASAP

Unfortunately I had to get a permit to carry my abnormally large genitalia.

I don’t think you need to worry about the guns you can see as opposed to those who have a reason to hide the gun. I’m not really scared. If he’s going to kill me he’s going to kill me end of story.

I would pull out mine and compare which one is better… hehehe
Explain uber-lyft no gun rule and cancel…As a driver, you do not know what happen next.